Grand Rapids, MI- Drinking and driving remains an issue in Michigan, accounting for 30 percent of fatal wrecks in Michigan, according to the Michigan Department of the State Police. Impaired driving is also a problem because almost half of the first-time OWI offenders will be charged with a second or third offense. That is why is USAttorneys wanted to discuss the penalties and possible consequences of a second OWI conviction.

When can I be charged with a second OWI?

In Michigan, you can be accused of a repeat OWI/ DUI offense if your latest charges occurred within seven years of a previous charge. If you plead to a lesser charge wet reckless, it will count against you if you are charged with a subsequent OWI.

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What are the penalties for a second OWI?

For a second OWI in Michigan, you face as little as five days in jail up to one year and fines between $200 and $1,000. Your driver’s license will be suspended for a minimum of one year and will be required to install an ignition interlock in your vehicle. Other penalties include community service, probation, exorbitant auto insurance premiums and drunk driving awareness courses.

You could lose your job or be kicked out of school for a drunk driving charge. What’s more, you will have a criminal record and charge that will remain on your record for years. The charge will show up on background checks and could make future employers reluctant to hire you.

The overall costs of your second OWI can quickly add up to several thousand dollars between the fines, administrative and court costs, legal fees and insurance premiums. A judge latitude when it’s time for sentencing, so you should have legal counsel arguing on your behalf and working to minimize the penalties you are facing.

Making matters worse is the fact that you could lose your job or have difficulties getting back and forth because your license was suspended. So, a repeat DUI charge will make cost in several ways and could be detrimental to your future.

Don’t take your charges lightly because a second OWI charge can have an impact on all aspects of your life. You need someone standing up for your rights and working on your defense strategy. Set up a consultation with one of the DUI lawyers at Grand Rapids Law Firm Gordon & Hess.

There are severe penalties and financial costs of a second OWI conviction, so we urge you to get legal assistance.