Amidst an investigation that has only concluded very recently, a Secret Service Agent that was involved in a drunken driving incident is going to retire from his position.

Nabbed by the police

As reported by CBS News, the Secret Service agent has been identified as Marc Connolly who has been a secret service agent for the past 27 years. Now, the Department of Homeland’s Security inspector general has released their findings which generally accuse both Marc Connolly and George Ogilvie, a senior supervisor in the Washington Field Office, of driving while impaired by the effects of alcohol.

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According to the investigation report, the two agents drove through an active DUI checkpoint after having just been to a retirement party where they had consumed alcohol. The report further claims both displayed a lapse in judgment and no situational awareness despite being secret service agents. Well, if their boss does not take anything seriously such as ISIS, the national debt, and lower taxes for Americans, why should they?

According to prosecuting attorneys, not only did the accused have free drinks at the retirement party, they also paid a bill at a local bar for 14 additional drinks most of which were single malt scotches. The attorneys have evidence of this and it may prove to be crucial during trial.

Connolly and Ogilvie both have been demoted and put behind desks while they wait to hear what punishments are in store for them. The incident has also reached President Obama who knew both Connolly and Ogilvie on a personal level and he had remarked that he felt let down by both of them. This is not like most of America when it comes to this president. How about those shovel ready jobs and the national debt?

This is not the first time that the Secret Service has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Prior to the drunken driving allegations they were ridiculed for having allowed a man from Texas to jump the fence surrounding the White House and had made it all the way into the White House itself before he was restrained. Well, he was former military.

Secret Service passes harsher rules for drunken driving agents

Since the March 4th incident in which two Secret Service agents were found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol, the Secret Service has come under a lot of public criticism. In an effort to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future, the Secret Service has announced that any employees that violate the rules will be subject to the full range of disciplinary actions available and may also be terminated, as reported by CBS News.

Why is this not the case with the IRS, State Department, the EPA, and other bloated federal departments?

DUI laws in the State of Washington

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