According to the Mississippi Department of Public Safety, over 200 motorists who have been arrested for driving under the influence have had an ignition interlocking device installed on their vehicles. The increase in the number of interlocking devices came after Mississippi’s law gave judges the power to make the installation of breath-testing devices mandatory.

No one or institution is above the law even though some people believe they are, such as the IRS, White House, and a few others.

The law came into effect on Oct. 1st, after which 211 motorists have had the device installed in their vehicles. According to Yazoo City DUI attorneys, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

A Non-Adjudicated Sentence

The latest to have an ignition interlock device installed is Sen. John Horhn of Jackson. Following a no contest plea, a Jackson Municipal County judge had ordered Horhn to install a device for his vehicle. As part of the plea bargain, he was given a non-adjudicated 48-hour suspended sentenced and was ordered to install an ignition interlock for 120 days. Just like Steven Seagal said in the movie Above the Law – “no one is above the law.”

In addition, the senator was fined $250 and is required to complete the MASEP or Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program. Yazoo City DUI lawyers say that the new law mandates that DUI offenders placed on non-adjudication must have an ignition interlock device installed for 120 days in their vehicle. Alternatively, their license can be suspended for 90 days.

DUI Ignition Interlock Law

Mississippi is among 24 states that have adopted the DUI ignition interlock law where the device is mandatory. It is designed to prevent a motorist’s vehicle from starting if the breath test registers more than the legal limit. Technical changes were made to the law this year, which included the use of use of ignition interlocks for all drivers convicted of a DUI.

This includes first time offenders who wish to retain their driving privileges as well as apply for non-adjudication. In Mississippi, first time offenders are allowed to complete specific conditions and avoid a conviction. The attorney must ask seek the prosecutor’s and judge’s consent to enter the program. DUI offenders who are required to install an ignition interlock device must pay the fee for the device. That is almost like double jeopardy but tax payers should not have to pay for it!

There are approximately eleven service centers in Mississippi where the device can be procured and installed. Yazoo City DUI attorneys say that there are around 22,000 DUI’s registered annually in the Magnolia State.

Mississippi Man Takes Aggravated DUI Conviction to Supreme Court

In other DUI related news, 29 year old Mississippi man, Frank Gideon Whitaker IV, who was convicted last year in Warren County and sentenced to 15 years in prison, has asked the US Supreme Court to have his aggravated DUI conviction overturned.

Whitaker’s DUI conviction stemmed from a drunk driving accident in 2012 that left 54-year-old Cynthia M. Grantham in a coma for weeks. According to police reports, Whitaker’s truck collided head on with Grantham’s vehicle following which she suffered head injuries and a shattered leg and was treated at University Medical Center. Arguments by Whitaker’s attorney that the blood test used at the time of the accident was unreliable were rejected by Mississippi’s courts.

But he still caused the wreck though right? OK then.