US Senator Charles Schumer has made his stance very clear when it comes to drunken driving. According to the NJ Herald, he is urging fellow senate commerce committee members to continue funding New York state’s program to battle the issue of drunken driving.

A broke and destitute state New York is

The program is called STOP-DWI and Schumer definitely does not want it to stop. According to him, the program is probably the best of its kind throughout the country simply because of its unique feature, pairing prevention and campaigning with New York State Police activities. However, the program itself is under threat of being shut down because it sources funds federally and has no other source of income and most people know how broke America is.

If Schumer wanted to pay for this program he would authorize oil shale development in his state and use these proceeds to pay for this program. But Schumer is not the brightest senator it seems if you look at his state’s moribund economy.

The contract between the federal government and the program will come to a close at the end of July, but Schumer wants the feds to renew the government and continue funding the program. Schumer, like many people in his party, believes money grows on trees and has no problem with America growing further into debt. How come he does not pay for his own program? How much money doe he hand out in welfare payments?

According to expert Atlantic City NJ DUI attorneys, the federal government pays upwards of $7 million every year to keep the program going. Most of this money goes into setting up drunk driving checkpoints, arranging educational and counselling programs for offenders, and so on.

How to beat a DUI charge in New Jersey – the low-down

A lot of people think they are doomed and that there is no way out once they have been hit with a DUI charge. There is evidence against you – videos of field sobriety tests, recorded blood breath urine tests, and testimonials from arresting officers. There is no way you can disprove all of this in a court of law right? Wrong! The first thing you should do, is go get yourself an experienced NJ DUI attorney who can tactfully disintegrate the evidence and disprove all the allegations against you.

The good news is that there are several technicalities in the law which can be used to beat a DUI charge. For instance, breathalyzer machines are sometimes wildly inaccurate. Often, they are not even calibrated. A bright NJ DUI attorney will be able to question and dismiss any evidence collected through this method.

Another factor that can be exploited is the fact that arresting officers are human and are hence prone to making mistakes. Sometimes they do not read you your right to remain silent, or may stop you pull you over without credible suspicion or reason. In some cases, they do not attain field sobriety tests on their dash cams in the right angles or may have acquired evidence against you and have subjected you to sobriety testing without your consent.

So the bottom line is that irrespective of how bad your case looks, an attorney will be able to figure out some way to beat your charge. Don’t just sit around and sulk, get started building a remarkable defense.

Penalties of a DUI

If you need more motivation to get started, let us just remind you that a DUI conviction can potentially ruin your personal and professional life. Drunken driving is frowned upon by society and it is very plausible that a conviction will lead to a demotion or even a loss of job which may then take its toll on your family life and personal relationships.

Apart from that, DUI convictions come with prison sentences, hefty fines, installation of ignition interlock devices, and mandatory alcohol counseling programs. You may have to deal with some of this but not all if you hire an attorney on the striking website This website is loaded in fantastic legal talent that is ready to hear your side of the story.