As many as 69 DUI convictions all throughout Massachusetts may be overturned as it has surfaced that faulty breathalyzer machines may have been used in collecting evidence. According to Boston MA DUI attorneys, the machines were not calibrated properly and hence could have produced wildly inaccurate results. This is pretty much like this state’s health care plan.

Some of these people may be threats to society and probably are

As reported by My Fox Boston. Currently, the Office of Alcohol Testing in Maynard is investigating all 69 cases to determine whether faulty evidence was used to prosecute and convict motorists.

As far as breathalyzer results are concerned, usually they are treated as solid concrete evidence and prove to be the deciding factor when it comes to DUI cases but since this evidence will have to be thrown out of the window in the 69 cases in question it is very likely that all or most of the people may find themselves rid of all charges against them. This is another state that is desperate for revenue because of their weak economy and writing tickets is another method for this high tax state to hope to break even.


Even people that initially pleaded with no contest to their charges are now hopeful since they can argue that the evidence may have been wrong and inadmissible. When you use the dedicated and stellar attorneys off the site this is the result you may end up with which makes clients from every branch of our culture happy.

Massachusetts Police told not to use breathalyzer machines for the time being

Furthermore, Essex county District Attorneys have instructed state police to abstain from using breathalyzers in drunken driving arrests until the state is able to sort out the technical calibration issues and test all the machines and make sure they are all fault free. This makes officers jobs a lot harder, especially because a breathalyzer result is usually what reels the fish in.

In cases where arrests were made and the charges persons had failed field sobriety tests, they may still be subject to further litigation despite the faulty breath test results.

Boston Police agree to transparency in cases of drunken driving police officers

Boston Police Commissioner William B. Evans said in a statement earlier this week that the Boston Police Department are going to publicly released the identities of the five officers that were themselves caught drinking and driving. He said that they had nothing to hide from anybody, as reported by Boston Globe.

According to DUI attorneys, this is a big deal since it means that going forward in the future the Boston Police Department will be obligated to release identities of police officers that are arrested for a suspected DUI.

The department faced heavy criticism especially since they had openly displayed names of several citizens who were arrested for DUI but hypocritically had refused to disclose the names of police officers that were arrested and convicted of the exact same crime while off-duty.

Carol Rose, the Executive Director of American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, has praised Evans for his decision. She said in a statement that nobody should be above the law and that, police officer or not, everyone should be treated in the same manner. Likewise, many other free speech advocates also put Evans on a pedestal for his support of transparency in the future.

The debate mostly revolved around six cases of suspected drunken driving which involved off-duty Boston Police Officers. The Boston Police have now released the identities of all six officers. According to arrest reports, 4 of the officers lost their licenses as they refused to be subjected to sobriety tests, another one confessed to have been drunken driving and another lost his license permanently after being involved in a nearly fatal DUI crash.

According to a Boston DUI attorney, breathalyzer machines have been a subject of debate for a long time. Those arrested for the first time in the state of Massachusetts can lose their driving privileges for a year and face a jail term of up to 2½ years. First time DUI offenders also have to pay a hefty fine ranging from $500 to $500 and slapped with additional penalties if a child under the age of 14 is a passenger.