Macon, GA- Are you facing a DUI charge in Macon? Are wondering if you can plead you DUI down? Many DUI cases in Georgia are resolved through plea bargains, but are such agreements the best way to resolve your DUI?  Before you decide to ask for or accept a plea deal for your Georgia DUI, USAttorneys wanted to explain some of the basics of plea bargains.

There are several reasons you may be offered a plea deal or have grounds to ask for one. For instance, if your blood alcohol concentration is borderline or you haven’t faced prior DUI charges. Also, prosecutors may offer you a reduced charged if there are issues over the accuracy of breathalyzers in your jurisdiction. A lawyer near you will know if there are any accuracy or maintenance issues with breathalyzers so that they can use it in your defense.

If your DUI is the result of an accident you caused, or it’s a repeat offense, you might not be offered a wet reckless charge or other reduced charge. Prosecutors like to be tough on drunk drivers, so there is not an absolute guarantee of a plea deal. You can fight for a plea bargain, but you should reserve that duty for a defense attorney who understands the process.

Whether you plan on pursuing a plea bargain or want to challenge your charges in court, you need to speak with a DUI lawyer in Macon, Georgia and see how they can help with your defense. If you have a strong defense and a knowledgeable defense lawyer on your side, you will have a better chance of reducing your charges and getting a reduced sentence.

If you do decide to go for the plea bargain, you should beat in mind that if you face another DUI down the road, a plea bargain for wet reckless will count are a DUI conviction for sentencing purpose if it occurred within the state’s 10-year lookback period. For that reason, some DUI suspects are better off taking their defense to court, but that’s a decision for an experienced criminal defense attorney to decide.

Let USAttorneys connect you with a defense expert to help you choose the best way to resolve your case. You can count on your team of attorneys in Kentucky will give you trusted advice and help you figure out the best way to resolve your case. We recommend you set up a consultation as soon as possible. Call today and get the advice of a skilled professional.

A vigorous defense can help you avoid a DUI conviction in Georgia.