Fort Meyers, FL- If you are facing a DUI charge in Florida, you may be wondering: Do I have the option of a plea bargain? Luckily in the state of Florida, you might be able to secure a plea bargain for a “wet reckless” which has reduced penalties and fines. Here our team of DUI lawyers in Fort Myer’s will discuss what some of the basic of obtaining a plea bargain for a wet reckless and some of the benefits.

You might be approached by a prosecutor with an offer or wet reckless which is a lesser charge with lenient penalties, but that doesn’t always happen. Due to increased public pressure, prosecutors are reluctant to offer plea deals in DUI cases, so it’s important that you retain have a defense attorney to work to negotiate for a reduced charge if that is the route you want to pursue.

The circumstances of your arrest and factors used that can have a bearing on whether your defense can secure a plea bargain for wet reckless. For instance, if your blood alcohol concentration was right at Florida’s legal limit, which is 0.08 percent, then you might get an offer for a deal. If the breathalyzer used by your local law enforcement malfunctions regularly or the machines are not being regularly maintained or calibrated. Another reason you could be offered a wet reckless charge is if there are questions about the legality of the arresting officer’s stop. These are just a few of the circumstances that can give you leverage in plea bargain negotiations.

The penalties for wet reckless are less severe but can include up to 90 days in prison and fines between $25 and $100. You also face six months of probation and will add 4 points to you driving record. A wet reckless charge, just the charge, will result in significantly higher insurance premiums.

It’s also important to note that while a wet reckless plea gives you the option of avoiding a DUI, it won’t protect you from serious penalties if you are charged with a repeat DUI charge. In Florida, for sentencing purposes, a wet reckless plea will count against you and will be considered a prior DUI conviction.

Whether you choose to plead guilty, fight for a plea bargain or take your case to court, you need a DUI lawyer familiar with Florida’s DUI laws working on your case. USAttorneys understands you may be reluctant to hire an attorney because of the cost, but that line of thinking is a mistake. Choosing not to get legal assistance could end up costing you more, seeing the fact that a DUI conviction in Florida can cost up to $10K over time.

Let USAttorneys help you locate a DUI attorney to examine the facts of your case to decide if a plea bargain or trial is the best option for you. Set up a consultation today and make an informed decision about how to handle your case for the best results.