Palmdale, CA- A 16 year-old girl was killed early Sunday morning when a suspected drunken driver plowed into her bedroom.

The incident occurred at 3:50 a.m. and was discovered when a police officer on patrol noticed a van embedded inside an apartment in Palmdale. Residents of the apartment complex had detained the driver and informed the officer that someone could have been in the room when the crash occurred, according to the Los Angeles Times. Witnesses said the driver lived across the street from where the accident occurred.

The officer could not get into the room at first but firefighters who were called to the scene were able to gain entry and found the victim inside. She was pronounced dead on the scene.

“The driver was at a high rate of speed and either tried to turn or lost control, impacted the curb and went into the apartment building,” Sergeant David Sauer of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told News 7.

The Los Angeles County Coroner identified the victim as 16 year-old Giselle Mendoza.

Police suspected that the driver, 20 year-old Roberto Rodriquez, was intoxicated at the time of the crash and are waiting for the results of a toxicology test. He is currently being charged with suspicion of vehicular manslaughter, but his charges could change once police receive the results of the chemical test.

Rodriquez also sustained minor injuries in the crash and was taken to a local hospital or treatment.

Several of the units adjacent to the damaged apartment had to be evacuated so building inspectors could determine if it is structurally sound.

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