Miami, FL- Police have charged a South Florida man with DUI manslaughter and fleeing the scene of an accident after causing fatal drunk driving accident early Sunday morning.

Tony Rodriguez’s wife told CBS Miami her husband was driving home from his overnight shift as security guard when he was struck by Alexei Gonzalez, 36.

Police say Gonzalez was traveling at a high rate of speed in his black SUV on Northwest 57th Ave around 6:30 a.m. when he ran a red light. He then slammed into Rodriguez’s small sedan as he was attempting to make a left turn. The force of the crash knocked the windshield out and pushed his car into some nearby bushed. Rodriguez was pronounced dead on the scene.

Gonzalez abandoned his vehicle in the middle of the street and fled the scene on foot. CBS reported that he even tried to get into another vehicle to put distance between himself and the accident, but it didn’t take long for police to catch up as witnesses pointed him out.

Police suspected Gonzalez was drunk and put him through field sobriety tests. Arrests records showed his blood alcohol content was .12, well over the state legal limit of .08.

Police arrested and charged Gonzalez with DUI, DUI manslaughter and leaving the scene of an accident involving death. He is being held on $100,000 bond and prosecutors asked he not be allowed to drive or boat, CBS Miami reported.

If convicted of the charges, Gonzalez will face serious jail time.

Most people agree that drunken driving is dangerous and are aware of the consequences they face if they caught. But this doesn’t stop thousands of drivers from getting behind the wheel when they’ve had a few too many drinks. Alcohol and drugs inhibit a person’s ability to make sound decisions so many people, in spite of the harm they can cause to themselves or others will drive drunk or high anyway.

Sometime this bad decision has dire consequences and can result in an injurious or deadly drunk driving accident. While their actions may be abhorrent and unforgivable, they still have the right to defend themselves in court.

Although, drunken driving accounts for nearly one-third of fatal traffic accidents, the majority of DUI drivers are not involved in an accident. Fortunately for other motorists they are stopped before they can cause an accident. Unfortunately for the drunken driver they will now find themselves in serious legal trouble and will need the representation of a DUI attorney.

Avoiding a conviction is possible but the accused will need a strong DUI defense provided by a skilled DUI attorney. With a strong defense, a person facing DUI charges can avoid conviction or negotiate for a plea bargain if that option is available in their state. A DUI attorney possesses the skills necessary to challenge any evidence presented against their client and make it possible for them to avoid conviction or get their charge reduced.

You’ve already made one mistake by driving drunk, don’t make another by thinking you don’t need the representation of a DUI attorney.