Accidents involving drunk drivers can sometimes result in serious property damage and injuries to bystanders in the area. It is possible that the driver may not only be charged criminally, but also made to pay for the damage that they caused in a civil lawsuit.

Police responded to a nightclub in northern St. Louis County to find that a drunk driver had crashed into the building and caused extensive property damage.

Car speeds into nightclub entrance in suspected drunk driving incident

Witnesses say the driver was speeding well in excess of the 35 mile per hour speed limit posted at the intersections of Jennings Station Road and West Florissant when he lost control of the vehicle. The car then went into the front door area of 922 Night Club just a few hours after it closed on a Saturday night. A large hole remained in the building where the entryway stood, and debris were scattered around the area. However, because everyone had already left the club, no one inside or in the area was injured aside from the driver.

The driver was heard yelling for help when emergency crews arrived, and he needed to be rushed to a local hospital. His status and the exact extent of his injuries were unknown, but he appeared to have sustained serious damage. Police believe that the lack of tire markings on the road in front of the club indicates that the driver did not apply his brakes and hit the building at full force.

DUI attorneys

How does the state prove someone was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

A combination of factors such as the person’s driving pattern, observations related to their movements and behavior, field exercises at the scene of the traffic stop or accident, and a chemical test of breath, blood, or urine will be used by the state in a criminal case to prove intoxication. Some of this same evidence can be used in a civil lawsuit against the drunk driver. However, skilled DUI defense attorneys also know how to undermine the credibility of this kind of evidence, as DUI cases are not always easy to prove and police officers do make mistakes. Many states also have specific laws related to refusing a breath test, which gives the state less evidence for the purposes of prosecution.

What remedies are available to someone who wants to sue a drunk driver?

When someone wants to file a lawsuit against a driver for any kind of accident, they can contact a personal injury attorney to file a negligence case. These cases are used in many situations to show that the defendant breached their duty of care on the roads and caused harm to others or property damage. The format of this lawsuit is similar to many other car crash cases.

Hire a DUI lawyer

Talk to a lawyer after being involved in a drunk driving accident

There are attorneys in your area who can either defend you against drunk driving charges from the state, or file a lawsuit against a drunk driver who injured you and caused property damage. Get in touch with Behrens Law Firm LLC for advice regarding your personal situation.