St. Petersburg, Florida, How Can I Get My License Reinstated After a First-Time DUI Offense?

Police officers who pull over a driver under the suspicion that they were driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs have the right to suspend a person’s license on the spot. If a person is being accused of a first-time DUI offense, then they will have their license suspended for 6-12 months. The suspension will be valid starting from the date in which they are convicted.

Drivers who find themselves in such a situation can get in touch with a DUI lawyer in St. Petersburg, Florida and can apply for a hardship driver’s license before their revocation period runs out. In order to be eligible for the hardship license, a person must be able to provide evidence that they have completed a DUI program and they have received the required treatment.

If a person waits to have their license reinstated and they apply for it after the revocation period, then they will have to show either proof that they have enrolled in a DUI program or they have completed one. If they fail to complete the program within 90 days of their reinstatement they will have their license canceled until they have completed the course. The timing of when a person applies for their license reinstatement is very important and that is why it is best to get the assistance of a legal professional from the beginning of one’s case.

When a person is applying for reinstatement it will be required for them to take all the requested exams and pay the following fees:

  • Administrative fee
  • Revocation reinstatement fee
  • License fee

Once a person has completed the rehabilitation programs, taken the exams, paid the fees, and shown the required documents to the court (such as proof of insurance) they will be granted their license. It is important to note that a person must follow all the rules of having the Interlock Ignition device installed in their vehicle or they risk the chance of losing their driving privileges once again.

The rules for DUI are so serious in Florida because of how dangerous and reckless the act is. If a person expects they will be getting drunk it is their responsibility to arrange for a ride with a friend, family member, or driving service beforehand so that they do not end up endangering themselves and others on the road.

A driver who swerves out of control and hits another vehicle while DUI will be treated more harshly by the law and they will find it much harder to escape their penalties. If a person has gotten into an accident and injured other drivers and passengers while they were DUI, they should call an experienced lawyer to see if they are eligible to have their penalties lowered. Driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs can cause serious harm to a person’s physical well being and also to their legal record. Having the help of a lawyer is essential to try and bring down the consequences as much as possible.

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