For most Ohioans, a traffic violation is the worst legal trouble they face is a traffic ticket. Others, on the other hand, make the same mistake that millions of other Americans do, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It’s a common criminal offense committed by otherwise law-abiding citizens.

What Happens to My Driver’s License?

If you are pulled over and accused of OVI, operating a vehicle intoxicated, there will be repercussions that will have an immediate impact. While you are standing by the roadside, the officer who pulled you over can take your license immediately even before you are taken to lockup.

A 0.08 percent or higher BAC will result in an immediate suspension of your driver’s license. Your administrative license suspension can last 90 days up to five years, depending on the severity of your charge. It is possible to get limited driving privileges if your BAC at or above the legal limit but you must wait fifteen days after your arrest. In Ohio, local prosecutors act as representatives of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and decide whether your license will be suspended and for how long. You may have to attend your hearing at one of the following locations:

Hamilton County Courthouse

1000 Main St.,

Cincinnati, OH 45202


US District Court Clerk

100 E 5th St #103,

Cincinnati, OH 45202

To get your license back after your court-mandated license suspension is over you can have your driver’s license reinstated once you pay the reinstatement and provide proof of insurance to the OBMV.

If you refuse a breathalyzer or a chemical test, your license will be suspended immediately, and an officer can take it right there where you were pulled over. A refusal results in driver’s license suspension of one year.

Will I Go to Jail?

Yes, if you are arrested for OVI you will be taken to a police station or jail closest to where your arrest occurred. You can ask someone you know to bail you out, or you can ask a criminal defense attorney in Cincinnati to do it instead. An attorney may be able to get out sooner because they are familiar with the process and know reputable bail guarantors.

Inmate Lookup:

Hamilton County Justice Center

900 Sycamore St.,

Cincinnati, OH 45202


River City Correctional Center

3220 Colerain Ave.,

Cincinnati, OH 45225


Hamilton County Sheriff

1000 Sycamore St #100,

Cincinnati, OH 45202

Any DUI suspect or criminal defendant who is brutalized, wrongfully convicted or subjected to some form of police misconduct needs to step up and report the officer or officers involved. Your next step should be to contact a police brutality lawyer in Cincinnati.

Do I Need to Hire an OVI Lawyer in Cincinnati?

You may not see a DUI as a serious criminal offense, but it is a crime, and there will be repercussions if you are convicted. There are legal consequences, but there are also personal and professional ramifications. Familiarize yourself with the penalties listed below.

Some of the penalties of an OVI conviction in Ohio include:

First OVI-BAC 0.08 percent up to 0.17 percent

Jail: Mandatory 72 hours or participation in a driver intervention program

Fines: $375 up to $1,075

Driver’s License: Six months up to three years

Ignition Interlock Device:

Other Penalties: Six Points added to your driver’s license,


Second OVI

Jail: Mandatory minimum of ten days up to six months; a period of house arrest and alcohol monitoring

Fines: $500 to $1,625

Driver’s License: Suspension from one to five years

Other Penalties: Mandatory drug and alcohol assessment course, vehicle impounded for 90 days

The look back period in Ohio is six years. If you are arrested for another OVI over that period, it will count as a repeat offense for the purposes of sentencing. When you are charged with a first OVI or a repeat offense, you need to retain an OVI lawyer in Cincinnati to build a defense that stops your conviction. USAttorneys can help you get expert legal help.