State police are searching for drunk driver who killed two on Christmas Eve

Punta Gorda, FL – Some drivers in Florida get on the roads while they are intoxicated, even though this is illegal and a serious crime. One of the worst possible outcomes is if a drunk driver causes the death of other individuals. Under state law, it does not matter whether the victims are passengers in the driver’s own vehicle or in other vehicles involved in the crash, as the driver can be charged with DUI manslaughter either way.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, police were still searching for a man who had killed two other people during a drunk driving incident on Christmas Eve of 2021 [1]. 

Drunk driver kills two of his passengers

The incident happened in Kissimmee, and the suspect will be charged with DUI manslaughter and other crimes for driving on a suspended license if he is found. The 34 year old male was identified on December 19th, and a judge signed off on a warrant for his arrest. The Florida Highway Patrol is attempting to work with the public to locate the man and make him answer for these crimes. 

The accident happened at a venue known as the Golden Link Hotel located on U.S. Highway 192. The driver apparently lost control of the vehicle, and it spun out and hit a post in the parking lot. The victims were two females riding as passengers in the suspect’s vehicle, and they were later pronounced dead at the scene.

Motor vehicle crimes

The average person is much more likely to have contact with the police while driving than at any other time. There are criminal offenses related to things like driving with a suspended license, drunk driving, and vehicular homicide. There are also traffic infractions that only carry civil penalties such as fines, but an investigation into a traffic offense can lead to criminal charges as well. It is important for drivers to be mindful of all of the relevant laws and regulations of the roads to avoid arrest or fines. If police make contact with a person during a traffic stop, they have the right to receive legal advice and attempt to defend against the state’s accusations. 

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