Seeing those blue lights in your rearview mirror will make your heart sink. If you’ve been drinking, you are probably going to spend the night in jail. You’re also going to have a host of legal problems to deal with, the severity of which depends on your level of intoxication and other circumstances surrounding your crash. Here, our team of DUI lawyers in Washington D.C. will discuss the types of drunken driving offenses you face.

What is a DUI in Washington D.C.?

In Washington D.C., the seriousness of your alcohol-impaired driving offense depends on your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If your BAC is 0.07 percent or less at the time of your arrest, you will be charged with DUI or Driving Under the Influence.

The penalties for a first offense DUI in Washington D.C. include a 90-day administrative license suspension and fines. Fortunately, there is a jail sentence for a first DUI, but a conviction will go on your record for 15 years.

If you refuse to submit to field sobriety tests, your license will be suspended for one year, which is significantly longer than if you plead guilty to DUI or DWI. There are few situations in which refusing a breathalyzer or chemical test is a wise idea, it is generally in your best interest comply with an officer’s requests and enlist a DUI lawyer in Washington D.C. to work on your defense once you learn your charges.

DWI in Washington D.C.

You can be charged a DWI in the District of Columbia if your BAC is 0.08 percent or higher, you will be accused of driving while intoxicated. The penalties for a DWI are harsher including a six-month revocation of your driver’s license and $1,000 in fines and penalties.

Zero Tolerance for Underage Motorists

Motorists under the age of 21 can be hit with a DUI no matter how low their BAC is at the time of their arrest. Any detectable amount of alcohol is enough to trigger an underage DUI offense.

Commercial drivers can be charged with driving under the influence if their BAC is 0.04 percent or higher.

Wet Reckless

Sometimes it is possible for you to get a plea bargain, so you aren’t left with a DUI or DWI on your record. You can ask for a plea bargain of wet reckless so you can avoid going to court and settle your case sooner. When you agree to a plea bargain for a wet reckless, it will result in reduced charges, and you won’t lose your driver’s license. The biggest downfall is that should be accused of a second or repeat drunk driving offense within 15 years, a guilty plea for wet reckless will count against you and is considered a DUI conviction for charging purposes.

Call and DUI/DWI Attorney in Washington D.C.

A DUI or DWI will change your life and not for the better. You face jail, exorbitant fines and a host of other short-term and long-term consequences. urges you to contact a DUI lawyer in Washington D.C. to work on your defense. Enlist an attorney early so they can help you get out of jail, advise you about what plea to enter, and begin building your defense.

You need a criminal defense lawyer if you want to stop the legal and professional ramifications of a DUI or DWI conviction. As soon as you are released from detention, reach out to an attorney near you in D.C.


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