Mullens, WV- Hundreds of people in the Mountain State are killed in drunken driving accidents each year and lawmakers in the state have taken steps to prevent deadly crashes, most namely passing “Willy and Andrea’s” Law which went into effect this month on June 16th, the State Journal reports.

Under House Bill 2664, drunken drivers who cause an accident face stiffer penalties which include mandatory jail time and a felony criminal record.

State laws already carry minimum jail time –up to three years–fines and penalties, license suspension and participation in the state’s ignition interlock program. For many DUI offenders, jail may be avoidable, but “Andrea and Willy’s Law” will see that an offender who causes a fatal or injurious accident will serve time behind bars, anywhere between 3 to 15 years in jail. They will also be charged with a felony which will leave them with a criminal record.

The bill also targets repeat offenders through increased penalties.

The families of Willy and Andrea, who were both killed by drunken drivers have been for several years to the get the law passed. They were successful and now drunken and drugged drivers face even tougher penalties which means they need aggressive DUI defen

Of course, if motorists avoided drinking and driving altogether, there would be no need for such tough laws and a legal battle. But, sadly, drunken or otherwise impaired individuals are not capable of making rational or reasonable decisions and do dumb things, most namely getting behind the wheel. Drunken or drugged drivers don’t think about the consequences of their actions

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