La Grange, KY- Repeat drunken driving is an issue that many states grapple with and try to combat through legislation. Kentucky is no different and will become the latest state to pass tougher penalties of repeat DUI offenders.

WAVE 3 reports that Kentucky’s ignition interlock program went into effect on June 24th and police are almost ready to put ignition interlock devices in the cars of repeat DUI offenders.

For those who aren’t aware, an ignition interlock device is like a breathalyzer and is hooked up to the ignition of a repeat DUI offenders car. These devices measure the amount of alcohol on a person’s breath and if they are over the legal limit, the ignition interlock prevents their car from starting.

Kentucky’s ignition interlock devices are different in that they include a camera to ensure that the person blowing into the device is the convicted offender and not someone they have enlisted to help them get their car started.

DUI offenders will also have to blow into the device while they are driving. If the fail the initial breath test, the horn will begin to honk repeatedly, forcing the motorist to pull over and shut the car off, according to WAVE 3.

The devices Kentucky will be using has real-time reporting, so any violations will immediately reach authorities. And what’s more, a judge can order a person to use an ignition interlock device before they have been convicted.

On top of the their fines, repeat DUI offenders will also have to pay to have the ignition interlock device installed in their vehicles which can range from anywhere between $50 and $200. They must also pay a monthly recalibration fees ranging between $60 and $80. Without regular recalibration, breathalyzers can give inaccurate results and prevent an individual’s car from starting even if they haven’t been drinking.

Cost is just one of the inconveniences of ignition interlock devices. DUI attorneys are critical of these devices because of those inconveniences and their inaccuracy. In many cases, convicted DUI offenders share their cars with other family members who must go through the same process as the DUI offender if they want to go somewhere.

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