Chico, CA- Drunken driving remains one of the most vexing traffic safety issues state and federal lawmakers have been trying to combat for decades. And while there drunk driving deaths in California and the nation as whole have been steadily declining, there is still a great deal of headway to be made. A recent study suggest that Uber, the popular ride-sharing service, is actually helping reduce DUI fatalities in California.

The study conducted by researchers from the Temple University in Philadelphia found that there was a reduction in DUI-related deaths in California between 2009 and 2014.

Brad Greenwood, an assistant professor at Temple University’s Fox School of Business, and colleague Sunil Wattal, who is also an associate professor, analyzed fatal crash data from 14 counties in California and found that drunken driving deaths declined by 3.6 percent in some counties, and up to 5.6 percent in other counties, KQED reported.

“If there’s an overall drop off, we wouldn’t see an effect that’s just correlated with Uber,” Greenwood explained to KQED.  “We’d just see the overall change in the trend, which would be completely uncorrelated with Uber’s entry.”

Researchers noted that the reductions in DUI-related fatalities only occurred when surge pricing was not imposed on passengers. Surge pricing is fairly common around the holidays, emergency situations and for special events.

The study was conducted independently of Uber, but the company was informed of the results.

In addition to low cost, Uber is convenient because the ease at which a person can call a car. There is no need to look up a number and call a cab company, a simple smartphone app puts rides a person’s fingertips. Uber uses are told how long they have to wait and the fare is deducted directly from their bank account or credit card.

Still with a ride-sharing service like Uber, there will still be plenty of Californians who will be charged with a DUI and facing conviction. Many individuals charged with a DUI fail to realize the seriousness of their charges and the potential consequences they are facing, which can include but us not limited to jail, expensive fines and loss of driving privileges.

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