A recent survey has shed light on the importance of the ignition interlock device. According to the study, these devices may have saved many lives already and may continue to save a lot of lives as long as it stays in effect.

The study reveals that drunken drivers who are forced to install ignition interlock devices on all their vehicles may think twice and even decide against driving while intoxicated just simply because of the existence of such devices, as reported by MLive.com.

The ignition interlock device is basically a breathalyzer which prohibits the vehicle from getting turned on in case the driver’s breath test results come out positive for alcohol. Offenders are usually required to install such devices on all of the vehicles they own and they need to blow into them each time to start up the car.

Expert Kalamazoo DUI attorneys say that the installment of such devices has caused recidivism rates to decrease by as much as half when compared to what the relapse rates are for places where the ignition interlock device were not in use. Not only do these devices make an impaired driver conscious of his drunken condition but also prohibits him from starting up his vehicle even if he decides to drive when drunk anyway.

Many people attribute the success of the ignition interlock device to the fact that it is a prevention rather than a cure. It simple does not let a drunk driver get behind the wheel irrespective of whether he or she wanted to or not. If your life has been frustrated by a drunken driver there are local attorneys ready to leap at your case and many of them can be found on the sparkling website USAttorneys.com.

Former assistant prosecutor summoned before a court for a felony DUI charge

27-year old Paige L. Timmer lost her job as Kalamzoo County’s assistant prosecutor after she was involved in a road accident where she was suspected to have been driving while impaired.

The accident was of a rather serious nature and caused severe injuries to one person. The injured has been identified as 30-year old Lenia Harris, as per a mlive.com report.

The reason Timmer faces a felony DUI charge instead of just a first offense DUI is because of the fact that her blood alcohol content test came back with a shocking result of 0.23 which is nearly three folds higher than the legal limit to drive in the State (0.08).

Both Timmer and Harris were rushed to hospital soon after the crash, Harris suffered multiple fractures and cut wounds to her face and head while Timmer fractured her left leg and bruised her face.

Drunken Driving laws in Michigan

According to Kalamazoo DUI attorneys, Michigan does not take the issue of drunken driving lightly. The state considers the offense a criminal offense and takes strict actions against those who violate DUI laws.

Motorists convicted of drunken driving are subject to a gamut of consequences ranging from short prison terms and fines to life long prison sentences on charges like involuntary manslaughter depending on the magnitude of seriousness.

For those that may be wrongly arrested and charged (yes it happens very often) it is invaluable to have an experienced Kalamazoo DUI attorney to defend them. Otherwise a person charged and convicted of DUI maybe subject to fines, prison sentences, loss of job, loss of social standing, installment of ignition interlock devices, mandatory counseling for drugs and alcohol, etc.