Ft. Lauderdale, FL- Lawmakers, safety advocates and families have been trying to combat drunken driving, and they have made a great deal of headway as drunken driving fatalities have declined dramatically over the past two decades. But there is some evidence that ride-sharing service Uber is also having an impact on drunken driving in South Florida and other areas where they operate.

The results of a study, published in the Daily Beast, found that in urban areas where Uber operates, there was a 5.6 reduction in drunken driving deaths. Nationally that represents at least 500 lives saved from drunk drivers.

Researchers from Temple University in Philadelphia analyzed fatal alcohol-induced crash data between 2009 and 2014 to arrive at their conclusions, the Daily Beast reported. The study was conducted independently of Uber though the company was informed of the results.

Researchers noted that the reduction in DUI deaths only holds true if Uber has not imposed surge pricing which raises ride rates significantly. Surge pricing is generally imposed during the holidays and other celebratory periods when drunken driving is especially high.

Another plus to Uber is low cost and the ease at which a person can call for a ride. They no longer have to remember or look up the number of taxi service, they can simply use an app on their cell phone and it tells them exactly how long they have to wait. What’s more, there is no need for a person to pay for their ride in cash since the fare is charged directly to their debit or credit card.

In spite of the benefits of Uber, lawmakers in Broward County approved of a number of regulations that Uber described as “burdensome” and “onerous.” Because of those regulations, the company announced in early July they would be suspending service in Fort Lauderdale and Broward County by the end of the month, a move that greatly angered residents who rely on the service.

Just days after the results from this study were release, Broward County officials announced they would work with Uber to pass “softer” regulations to woo the service back. According to the Sun Sentinel, Broward County commissioners Mark Bogen, Beam Furr, Marty Kiar, Chip LaMarca and Stacy Ritter plan to introduce legislation in September which will ease regulations for ride-sharing services.

Possible provisions to be included in the legislation would keep driver’s names out of the county record and call for less stringent back ground checks. A likely proposal would treat taxi drivers the same as Uber drivers and give taxi passengers the opportunity to rate drivers like Uber, the Sun Sentinel reports.

Even with drunken driving alternatives like Uber, many Fort Lauderdale residents will be charged with a DUI. Such a charge can come at great cost to an individual, so they are urged to consult with a DUI attorney in Fort Lauderdale help them fight their charges. If you want an experienced attorney with a clear track record of successful cases, USAttorneys can help you find one near your Florida location.