Those who were planning to have a blast this recently past Halloween weekend in Texas could because some of the irresponsible folks out there were put in check. And authorities believe it was the right decision that was made. For the first time this year, Tarrant County, Texas decided to make the holiday a “no refusal” period for suspected drunken drivers.

This is the first time that the Halloween period has been added to the no refusal list, and DUI, Dallas, Texas attorneys say that the move shows how strictly the state is taking the responsibility of maintaining law and order for this particular secular or goofy Holiday.

District Attorney Supported the Campaign

The Tarrant County district attorney’s office went all out to make the campaign a success. Assistant District Attorney Richard Alpert aided the campaign by taking part in a news release that urged Tarrant County citizens to not allow their future Halloween celebrations to turn into a real nightmare by choosing to stay safe and take rides home instead of driving in an inebriated condition. The news release also asked future holiday goers to have a designated driver and to drink in a responsible fashion.

For every Halloween in the future for as long as this policy is in effect, the county’s law enforcement agencies will be on high alert. The authorities had been told to use search warrants to force drivers suspected of driving under the influence who resist a breath analyzer test to take a blood test. The district attorney’s website has also said that it will be publishing the names and ages of all drivers who were arrested during any no-refusal period and subsequently charged with a DUI violation.

Catherine Butler received 2 DUIs in 3 hours. She was dressed like a zombie. Those are real tears though. Her Halloweens are expensive.

All across the country nine holidays or special events have been decreed as ‘no refusal’ periods where drivers on the road who are stopped by a patrol officer for alleged drunk driving has no right to refuse a breathalyzer or field test. Holiday periods, especially the 4th of July weekend, have been statically shown to cause a spike in road accidents as drunk revelers take to their wheels even when completely unfit for driving.

Tarrant County funds the extra hours put in by its law enforcement officers, who are regularly called upon to help out during the no-refusal periods, with a $311,933 grant. The county saw law enforcement officers in overdrive over the Halloween weekend. The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is a huge celebration in Tarrant County and one of the no-refusal periods on the list as well.

44 DUI Arrests in Austin

The Halloween holiday was also being strictly regulated in the capital city of Austin, Texas. According to police reports, 44 persons were caught over that weekend for suspected DUI violations. Among those arrested, the highest blood alcohol level as found during the breath test was about .204 percent. The legal limit is only .08 percent.

About 25 percent of all breath samples collected in Austin during the weekend drive showed a BAC of .15 or above, which DUI, Dallas, Texas attorneys say is about twice the legal limit.