Kirsten Baesler and her fiancé Todd Tschosik are both educators. Kirsten Baesler is the state superintendent of public instruction and a Bismarck teacher. Her fiancé Todd Tschosik is a teacher at three public schools. These teachers seem to need a little education themselves. The couple have gotten into a little bit of a predicament and await the consequences of their wrong doings.

Baesler has been charged with simple assault in February after she reportedly assaulted her fiancé Tschosik.

The Education Standards and Practices Board unanimously voted on Thursday to not take any disciplinary action for the time being against either Baesler or Tschosik. They have postponed any action until the court reaches a verdict in the alleged domestic violence incident between the two teachers. The Board have a policy which entails them to address incidents and educators who face assault charges. Baesler was present at the board’s meeting but did not utter a word. Her fiancé Tschosik, however, was absent.

His attorney came through for him

Tschosik seems to have alcohol related issues while the board has taken notice but have not taken any disciplinary action. Bismarck school Administrators have put Tschosik on an improvement plan following his absences from work and reportedly, he is doing alright so far. Tschosik pleaded guilty to driving under the influence in December of 2014. Back in 2011 he was arrested for DUI but with the help of his DUI attorney he was able to get the sentence reduced and was only charged for reckless driving.

DUI laws in the state of North Dakota

Like most other states in the nation, if a driver is driving on North Dakota roads, they may be subject to blood, alcohol, or urine tests in case any suspicion arises about their sobriety. North Dakota legislation allows a person who is charged with a DUI to plea bargain for a reduced charge of reckless driving involving alcohol. This is commonly known as a “wet reckless”.

In all cases, any driver charged with a DUI has the right to a DUI attorney.

Understanding basic DUI laws, charges, and penalties in North Dakota

According to Grand Forks ND DUI attorneys, if caught, provided a driver does not have any previous DUI charges, they are liable to pay a minimum fee of $250. The law does not require the perpetrator to serve any jail time while their driving license will be suspended for a minimum of 91 days.

If the 1st offense DUI classifies as an aggravated DUI (in case BAC more than 0.17) then the minimum license suspension term is extended to 108 days. A local DUI attorney knows all the prevailing laws and can help you in prosecuting the culprit. You can get in touch with a local DUI attorney in Illinois by searching through, one of the oldest online directories on the Internet.

Refusal to give consent to a chemical test to determine blood alcohol levels will result in an automatic suspension of the driver’s license for a 1-year period and the driver will not be eligible for a restricted license. A judge may decide if the perpetrator’s car needs to be installed with an ignition interlock device. Needless to say, if caught for a 2nd time within a period of 5 years, charges are much more severe. The crime may be escalated to a felony in cases where the driver is caught for the 5th time in 7 years or if a DUI related accident results in the death or serious injury of any person.