19 year old Nicholas Corsair was involved in two drunken driving accidents in less than ten hours. At first, he drove into a utility pole in Toms River, around 60 miles from Mountainside, and damaged it. The accident caused a huge traffic congestion in that area. Almost ten hours later he drove into another car while stuck in a traffic jam that he had caused, as reported by dailymail.co.uk.

Nicholas Corsair – are you clueless?

Arresting officers believe he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, quite possibly may be even a mix of the two intoxicants. Corsair is from Toms River in New Jersey. According to investigators and arrest reports, Corsair was driving a Chevrolet Pick-up truck with which he rear ended a Honda Civic that was being driven by a 54 year old man from Forked River. However, he evaded the scene of the accident in his Chevy pickup.

Corsair was subsequently taken into custody where authorities recognized him from only ten hours ago, as the kid that had crashed into a utility pole, an accident that caused an endless traffic congestion for almost a day afterwards. Corsair was released on bail at around three in the morning after the first accident. He was then apprehended at his residence just moments after the second crash. Mountainside, New Jersey DUI lawyers are totally unimpressed with this family.

The mother of the year award – unlikely

51 year old Jacquelin Latronico who is Corsair’s mother has not been excused by the prosecutors either. They have slapped her with a charge for allowing Corsair to drive while being impaired. According to reports, the mother-son duo have now been released from custody and are expected to make an appearance in court for their scheduled hearing where they will be allowed to present their defense, if they select to contest the charges.


New Jersey Supreme Court amends drunken driving protocol

A panel of judges contemplated and has finally come to a decision when it comes to drunken driving related evidence. The new laws makes life difficult for arresting officers and on the other hand it gives New Jersey DUI attorneys and suspected offenders more chances and loopholes to beat their DUI case.

Another reason not to live in New Jersey

As reported by politickernj.com, the justices have passed ruling that arresting officers will be required to first obtain a search warrant before they can draw blood or any other samples from the suspect to serve as evidence in court. According to Mountainside, New Jersey DUI attorneys, this is appropriate. Just like how the police need a warrant to search your house, it is unfair to allow them to essentially search your body without a warrant they say. Your body is your property too supposedly.

But you have the right to own a home, you do not have the right to drive drunk. Driving a is privilege.

DUI penalties in New Jersey

If convicted of DUI, there exists a plethora of punishments from which a judge may choose to penalize you. The punishment depends on the extent of the DUI (how drunk the offender was, did anyone become injured or did anyone die as a result of the DUI, did the offender have any previous DUI charges against him/her etc.).

Punishments include, but are not limited to jail or prison sentences, fines, alcohol rehabilitation, community service, ankle bracelets, ignition interlock devices, and more. If you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with a DUI offense, it is always prudent to consult an experienced and aggressive New Jersey DUI attorney right away. One can easily be reached right here.