46 year old Ronnie Washington of Temperanceville pleaded guilty to charges of DUI and manslaughter after causing an accident that led to the death of an 81 year old Temperanceville man last April. Washington was drunk behind the wheel when he lost control of his 1999 Ford Mustang which crashed into a 2003 Lexus in which 81 year old Linwood Bowen was a passenger.

Washington was eastbound on Saxis Road when he lost control and drove onto the westbound lanes, and collided with the Lexus. Melissa Johnson, driver of the Lexus survived the crash.

According to police reports, Washington had been binge drinking all day, which was evident from is blood alcohol test, which indicated a BAC of .19, which is more than double the legal limit of .08. The victim, Bowen, died the next day after the crash.

The defendant was given the privilege of remaining free until sentencing, which is likely to be after a background report is completed. According to Virginia Beach DUI attorneys, under the state’s laws, DUI manslaughter is a felony offense that attracts a prison sentence which makes it prudent for anyone currently facing such charges to seek legal recourse from a qualified attorney. While each case is different, penalties can include a prison sentence of up to 10 years or more.

DUI Offender Beaten by Relative of Victims in Virginia Jail

38 year old William Nelson pleaded guilty for beating a DUI offender who was placed in jail for having killed three Virginia residents in a driving accident. 35 year old Bonifilio Valezquez was attacked and beaten up by Nelson and five of his friends for having killed three people on Rte. 13 in Keller, last September.

The accused is reportedly a relative of the three Eastern Shore of Virginia residents that were killed in the crash.  Arnette Chandler and Diann Wilson Jones, aged 58 and 55 respectively, and A’Janae Jones, 12, died in the crash. Velasquez has been charged with three counts of manslaughter and driving while under the influence.

Inmates Take Law into their Own Hands

Nelson gained knowledge of his relatives being involved in the crash after watching the news on television. When Valezquez was brought into his cell, Nelson inquired about his charges and became enraged when he found out that he was the one who caused the accident. Along with other inmates, Nelson beat Valezquez severely in what turned out to be a mob thrashing. Following the beating, Nelson called up a girlfriend on the phone and admitted to the incident.

Justice comes in Many Forms

The woman alerted the jail authorities to check his cell, who on reaching the cell found Valezquez with broken bones and a lacerated eye from the mob beating. He was immediately rushed to hospital. The prosecutor in Nelson’s case was Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney Andrew Rice while Velazquez’s case is being prosecuted by the Accomack County attorney. Charges of assault and battery by mob have been made against Nelson’s five inmates, Nedab Jr., 39, Johnson, 20, Ridley, 24, Smith, 42 and Crippen, 25. The case is being presided over by Judge W. Revell Lewis III.