Franklin, TN- Police have charged a Tennessee man with vehicular homicide and DUI after he caused an accident that left his 10 year-old son dead and injured an 11 year-old.

The accident occurred in Powell, Tennessee on Sunday just after 12:00 p.m. Police say that Steven Steelman Jr. lost control of his vehicle and ran off the road where he struck a utility pole and a tree on the passenger side, according to WBIR.

Steelman’s 10 year-old son, who was in the front passenger’s seat was killed. An 11 year-old boy seated in the back suffered serious injury and was taken to the hospital

Police charged Steelman with third offense DUI, vehicular assault, driving on a revoked, driving without insurance, and reckless driving.

Repeat drunk driving is all too common; experts estimate that at least fifty percent of first-time offenders will charged a second time. A charge of intoxicated driving alone can have dire consequences. Anyone convicted of a DUI charges faces a jail sentence, depending on their blood alcohol level at the time of their arrest. On top of a possible jail sentence, a DUI conviction can be cost thousands in fines and a driver will most likely lose their license.

A DUI conviction can have ramifications beyond the legal consequences. These challenges can include barring you from college admissions, certain careers and professional licenses. In the long run, a DUI can end up costing a convicted offender several thousand dollars or more in fines, fees, legal costs and increased insurance premiums.

In July, two laws, Amelia’s Law and the DUI Recidivism Act went into effect a specifically targets repeat DUI offenders.

Under Amelia’s Law, it is possible for repeat drunken or drugged drivers to be monitored for their drug or alcohol use. These drug or alcohol monitors take a sample of an offender’s perspiration every thirty minutes to ensure they are a complying with court orders to abstain from drugs or alcohol.

Under the DUI Recidivism Act, which also took effect July 1st, repeat DUI offenders will be required to participate in a rehabilitation program once they have been released from jail.

With an effective Tennessee DUI attorney, the consequences for a simple DUI conviction can be mitigated and likely reduced, but when a person is charged for a repeat offense, or other charges like vehicular homicide, are tacked on the offender needs a vigorous and aggressive defense. It is possible to negotiate for a plea bargain in the state of Tennessee but doing so requires someone who understands the process and is capable of negotiating with prosecutors.

With stricter laws on the books, anyone charged with a DUI needs to contact a Franklin, Tennessee DUI attorney immediately. Acting quickly will ensure the alleged offenders gives their attorney the time they need to work on developing a strong defense strategy. If you or a loved one has been charged with a DUI, take action and get the legal help you need.