Tad Cummins who is already under the scanner for the alleged kidnapping of 15 year old Elizabeth Thomas will find himself in more legal soup as his wife has now filed for divorce.

The former teacher has been married to Jill Cummins for just over three decades but it looks like their marriage is now coming to an end since Jill Cummins has filed for divorce. As reported by CNN, the divorce papers cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for divorce and claims that Tad Cummins is guilty of inappropriate marital conduct.

What exactly does inappropriate marital conduct mean? Well, as per the state laws in Tennessee there are 15 recognized grounds for divorce. So while filing for divorce, one or more of these grounds for divorce has to be met. One of the grounds for divorce is inappropriate marital conduct.

Fabulous and sagacious legal pros explain that as per the law, inappropriate marital conduct is when either of the partners are guilty of such cruel and inhuman treatment or conduct towards the spouse, thereby rendering cohabitation unsafe and improper. This can be referred to in pleadings as inappropriate marital conduct.

In the divorce papers, Jill Cummins has demanded that she receive permanent spousal support or alimony. The couple has two children together, but neither of the children is a minor and so there is not going to be any child custody or child support issues involved in this divorce.

Jill Cummins’ attorney did speak to the media and issued a statement where she expressed how difficult it was for her client who was going through a tough time and wanted to keep things as private as possible.

Tad Cummins and a 15-year old female student sighted in an Oklahoma City Wal-Mart

Tad Cummins is armed and possible dangerous, he is on the loose and has now been added to the state’s top ten most wanted list say divorce legal professionals.

Apparently, only weeks prior to Tad and Elizabeth eloping and going missing, another student is said to have witnessed the two of them kissing in the teachers room. Tad is 50 years old and faces charges of sexual contact with a minor and aggravated kidnapping. Furthermore, emails between the teacher and the students which were intimate are said to have been discovered.

The teacher and the student duo were recently captured by security cameras in Oklahoma City Wal-Mart. Investigators say that Tad Cummins may have darkened his hair and Elizabeth has gone from blonde to red head in an attempt to avoid being recognized.

Where do they plan on living? How do they plan on making a living? Both of them seem to be living in Harry Potter land.

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