Dallas, TX- The majority of DWI cases in Dallas involve drivers who are drunk, but there are plenty of cases in which motorists is under the influence of drugs. With nearly half the American population on one or more medications, a large fraction of drugged driving charges involving motorists under the influence of prescription drugs.

Some drivers have this mistaken notion that because they have a prescription, it is deemed necessary, and they can’t be charged with a DWI. That isn’t the case and having a prescription won’t prevent you from being charged with drugged driving. Texas motorists charged with drugged driving should allow USAttorneys to connect them with a DWI lawyer in Dallas to talk about their case.

There is a long list of prescription drugs that will have a negative effect on a motorist’s motor skills, reaction times along with their mental the visual focus. Such drugs warn motorists that it isn’t safe to drive under their influence, but too many people ignore those warnings and get behind the wheel when they shouldn’t. For those two reasons, Texas aggressively prosecutes drugged drivers regardless of whether they have a prescription for a drug or not.

A drug you take daily will show up in your bloodstream, but that isn’t the core issue in drugged driving cases. Prosecutors will have to answer the question: Where you impaired at the time of your arrest? Having a prescription drug in your system is not sufficient enough to convict you of a DWI charge, prosecutors must show that you were driving while impaired.

One of the most convincing pieces of evidence a prosecutor will present are results from a blood test and testimony from a Drug Recognition Expert. Both of these sources carry considerable weight in your DWI case, so you a defense lawyer on your side to counter the evidence presented against you and look for any cracks in the prosecution’s case. With a solid defense strategy, you will have the leverage you need to get a plea deal or avoid conviction.

The penalties for driving while impaired by prescription drugs in Texas are the same as drunken driving. Those penalties include incarceration, high-dollar fines, and mandatory licenses suspension. In some cases, you can be ordered to go into rehab. And, unfortunately, those are just the legal consequences; a DWI also has personal and professional implications as well.

A drugged driving charge is not one you want on your record, so USAttorneys recommends you call defense attorney John Corn for his unparalleled experience. He is a seasoned litigator who understands the gravity of your charges and knows how to build an assertive defense.

You can reach DWI attorney John Corn through his website or by calling his office at 214-528-4529. USAttorneys recommends you contact him as soon as possible and set up a consultation to talk about the best way to approach your case.