San Antonio, TX- Don’t be mistaken; repeat drunken driving has serious consequences and can lead to a long jail sentence. That’s what one Texas man learned last week after being sentenced to life in prison for repeat DWI offenses.

Over the past 30 years Bobby Gene Martin has been arrested driving while intoxicated at least ten times. But the jury that sentenced him to life in jail last Wednesday didn’t know that, all they knew was the details of his latest arrest which occurred in August of last year.

On August 8th, Martin crashed his truck into a ditch and had successfully convinced a tow truck driver to pull his truck out and give him a ride home, but then the police showed up, according to the Washington Post. Martin tried to hide in the ditch to no avail and was soon placed under arrest, charged with DWI. His blood alcohol content was .217 well over the Texas legal of limit of .08.

Martin might have avoided a life sentence, but he made a huge mistake, he threatened to kill the arresting officer and his family.

The jury didn’t hear that Martin had a total of 10 DWI charges, they only heard about the two prior to the August 2014 incident and testimony about the death threat. That however was enough to take him off the streets for life.

Martin’s sentence should be a reminder of how harshly repeat DWI offenses are treated in the state of Texas. Sure he threatened to kill an officer and his family which weighed heavily on his sentence, but this isn’t the first time a third time DWI offender in Texas was sentenced to life in prison. In 2012, Rose Ann Davidson was sentenced to life after her third DWI charge, two of which occurred prior to 2008. Davidson tried to appeal her sentence, but was unsuccessful.

Both of these cases should serve as a warning to motorists in Texas: Repeat DWI offenses can have dire consequences and deprive a person of their freedom. Not only is a lengthy jail term in the cards, but a DWI conviction can cause you to lose your license for a lengthy period of time and hit your wallet pretty hard.

If you have been charged with your first DWI or a subsequent offense, you need a talented Texas DWI attorney like Robert Gregg working on your case. A solid defense is your best hope to avoid a lengthy jail sentence. Factors about your arrest, and other evidence presented against you must be challenged for you to get a lesser charges or a lenient sentence.

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