Dallas, TX- A Dallas woman is accused of being drunk when she caused an accident Saturday which killed two of her children and injured two others.

Police explained to CBS Dallas that a Crystal Suniga, 30, of Irving was driving her SUV on E Pioneer Dr. near an elementary school around 8 p.m. Saturday when she lost control of her vehicle and slammed into two parked cars.

After striking the two cars, which were parked at a private residence, the SUV rolled over and slammed into the home, according to CBS.

People who heard the crash rushed to the scene, according to CBS, and found the girl screaming for her brothers who were not in the car.

Suniga had four of her children between the ages of 10 and 16 years old in the vehicle with her at the time of the crash. Two of the children, 10-year-old Ricardo Hernandez and 14-year-old Angel Reyes, were badly injured and pronounced dead on the scene. Two other children, a 16 year-old boy and a girl whose age is unknown were both injured, but their injuries are not life-threatening.

Police said the two boys who were killed were ejected from the vehicle and became trapped under the SUV.

Suniga suffered only minor injuries.

Authorities suspected Suniga was speeding and driving while intoxicated so they had her blood drawn and discovered her blood alcohol content was .018 after the crash. They believe she was traveling almost three times the posted speed limit of 30.

Suniga is now facing two counts of intoxication manslaughter, two counts of injury to a child and one count of intoxication assault.

Driving under the influence under any circumstances is dangerous and can have severe consequences, but when a person has children in their vehicle the resulting charges can include child endangerment.

In Texas, driving under the influence with a minor charge carries a minimum jail sentence of 280 days in jail with a maximum of two years. Such and offense is considered a felony in the state and also carries a $10,000 fine.

But if a child is killed in a DWI accident, the offender can face up to 25 years jail so it’s critical that anyone facing such a serious charge retains a DUI attorney to assist with their defense.

Texas is only among five other states that classify DWI with a child in the car as a felony. The other states are: Alaska, Arizona, Indiana, Oklahoma and New York.

As is apparent in this case, drunk driving is not just a bad decision that solely affects the driver; it can have dire consequences for passengers and other motorists. Fortunately, not all drunk drivers cause harm to others, but the courts hand down tough penalties to discourage people from making a mistake they can’t undo. Having an effective defense provided by s killed DUI attorney in the face such charges however minimum is of utmost importance.