Texarkana, TX- A Texas woman learned she had a large brain tumor after she was arrested for DWI late last month, according to reports.

WFAA reports that on July 31, Julie Cunningham of the Dallas-area had just dropped her children off at school when she was involved in a traffic accident. According to the TV-station, Cunningham jumped a curb and struck a fire hydrant.

Even though she registered a zero in a breathalyzer test, police arrested and charged Cunningham with driving while intoxicated.

After he release from jail the next day, the relative who picked Cunningham up noticed she was acting strangely and was still slurring her speech, so they decided to take her to the doctor, according to USA Today. That’s when the brain tumor was discovered, and three days later she had surgery to remove it. Fortunately, the tumor wasn’t cancerous.

Cunningham’s mother told WFAA that her daughter has no memory of the accident, her arrest or the time she spent in jail. Thus far, prosecutors have not formally charged Cunningham with DWI since they are awaiting the results from a toxicology test.

There are a number of medical conditions that can lead to a wrongful DWI arrest. In Cunningham’s case, an undiagnosed brain tumor gave police the impression that she was intoxicated, but health problems, such as diabetes and acid reflux, can result in an unjustified DWI charge. Individuals who have leg or back injuries can perform poorly during field sobriety tests and also face wrongful arrest. Cunningham’s arrest shows you don’t have to have a high blood alcohol content to be taken into custody and held in jail.

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