Miami, FL- Have you ever driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs? If you have a DUI or know someone who has, you’re probably aware Do you know what the penalties are if you get caught? Most people realize there are repercussions for driving under the influence, but unless you’ve been charged with a DUI, you probably don’t realize how high the cost of your Miami DUI truly is.

Most first-time DUI offenders, unless it involves a fatal accident, can dodge the worst of the criminal penalties associated with a DUI charge which can include 6 months in jail, license revocation and a possible requirement to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle. You also face community service, probation up to a year and mar on your record. But it doesn’t end there, on top of the legal headaches, a DUI conviction is very, very expensive so it’s worth your while to retain a Miami DUI attorney.

The penalties for a first DUI conviction can cost an individual anywhere from $500 and $1,500 in penalties. When the blood alcohol content is above .15, a convicted driver will have to pay penalties as high as $2,000.

If you are convicted of a DUI charge, and are ordered to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, you will have to pay the initial installment feeds which can range anywhere from $100 to $250, depending on the type of vehicle you drive. Then you must pay a monthly maintenance fee of $50 to $100.

A person convicted of DUI will most likely be required to attend an alcohol assessment classes, which calls for a minimal fee for each class you attend, then there is the cost of rehab if that was part of your sentencing. Even if you manage to avoid a jail term, you’ll still have to do community service which also entails mandatory fees.

Also adding to the overall cost of a DUI is the fact that you will have to pay to have your driver’s license reinstated and then there’s the matter of your insurance premiums. According to the Sun Sentinel, a DUI conviction can cause your insurance rates to the skyrocket by 86 percent. The average DUI offender, can expect to pay $3,072 and up in car insurance premiums if they are convicted of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Florida residents pay an average of $400 more in auto insurance premiums for their DUI conviction.

In Florida, a conviction for an intoxicated driving charge will stay on the offender’s record for nearly ten years, so there is a cost a person’s future as well. A conviction could prevent you from securing a job you want or pursuing certain professions.

Sure, hiring a Miami DUI attorney will cost you, too, but their help will actually be invaluable when it comes to your future. Some people foolishly think that they can save money if they avoid paying attorney’s fees. While it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cost of a DUI, most convicted offenders can expect to pay $10,000 or more, most likely more. It’s really in your best interest to be proactive and retain a Florida DUI attorney to work on your defense.