When you are stopped for a DUI by the police, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are some of the more pivotal aspects according to Knoxville, TN DUI lawyers.

  • Pull off the road

To begin with, slow down and pull over to right. Use the turn signal to show the police officer your intent to stop. Then remain in your car. Switch off the engine and place both your hands on the steering wheel. This will not raise the suspicion of the police officer and decrease the chances of you having to use this game changing and legal powerhouse of a website: https://usattorneys.com/.

  • Don’t look suspicious

Don’t look or act in a way that can arouse suspicion. Avoid actions that imply that you have something to hide, dispose, of or destroy something. Listen to the officer carefully and follow his/her instructions, and wait patiently until the official gives you permission to proceed.

Don’t argue or volunteer information, but make sure to reply to the official’s questions. Always keep in mind your every move is being observed closely. Now most police automobiles are equipped with devices that records traffic stops visually. So your behavior will be under observation for the officer in charge to report. At all costs, refrain from acting in a strange or furtive manner as any Tennessee, DUI defense attorney will tell you.

  • The routine question “How much did you drink?”

This is a routine question that the police officer will ask you. However, Knoxville, Tennessee DUI lawyers suggest that it is better to remain silent or tell the officer that you don’t remember precisely as to what did you drink. If you say you had a few drinks or a beer before dinner, this could be used as evidence against you if there is a case that reaches the trial stage.

  • BAC testing

Your legal counselor will advise you to be careful about BAC testing, as well as refusing to take one. Tennessee has an implied consent law where your driver’s license will be automatically revoked for a year if you refuse to take a breath or blood test. In case you have had more than a few drinks, it might be a good thing to not to take the test while if you haven’t consumed any alcohol or drugs, you may go ahead and agree to the test. This can go either way though.

It does not matter how cooperative you have been with the law thus far in the Knoxville area – if the evidence is stacking up you will need a Knoxville DUI lawyer. There is not a better website for this purpose than this one: https://usattorneys.com/. In fact, no other site does what this site does and is so user friendly. If you need dire legal help or just want to ask a lawyer a question, this site is for you.

Hopefully your sober driving does not look like someone else’s drunk driving.

  • Don’t volunteer for other tests

Some of the roadside tests are only voluntary. For instance, in some states there is no need for you to consent to tests such as “one leg stand” or “walk and turn”. Make it a point to ask the officer whether a test is voluntary and if so you might refuse to undergo them. Don’t be a smart mouth and challenge the police officer to a game of basketball or a game of chess. That is just asinine on every level.

For the most part, being charged with DUI can lead to dire consequences that include hefty fines, jail time, community service, installation of an ignition interlock device, and much more. Therefore, your best recourse is to hire an astute and aggressive legal representative as soon as possible.