A man from Petaluma has been apprehended for DUI recently and it has since been determined that this is his third arrest for suspected driving under the influence in the preceding ten years. The habitual repeat offender has been identified by authorities as 59 year old Kevin Odea, according to a patch.com report.

Odea was travelling on B Street when law enforcement officers pulled him over for suspected drunken driving. Supposedly, cops had received news from an undisclosed source that Odea was driving under the influence and were hence able to pull him over and arrest him. His Sonoma, California DUI attorney has seen this scenario many times before.

Arresting officers also testified that when they interrogated Odea he displayed signs of clear inebriation such as slurry speech, loss in coordination and balance, and bloodshot eyes. He was then subjected to field sobriety testing and a breathalyzer test. He failed the field sobriety test and his blood alcohol content registered at higher than the maximum permissible limit of 0.08% in the state.

Kevin Odea is irresponsible – repeat DUI offender

Odea was on probation for his previous DUI arrest and was supposed to have ignition interlock devices on all of the vehicles he operated. However, the Honda he was driving when he was arrested for his latest drunken spree was not equipped with an ignition interlock device.

Sonoma County DUI checkpoint results in five arrests

Over one thousand one hundred persons were evaluated in Sonoma County’s sobriety testing checkpoint in Santa Rosa on Saturday evening last week. Five of these drivers tested positive for driving under the influence and were therefore subsequently arrested, as reported by patch.com.

transportation and vehicle concept – man drinking alcohol while driving the car

The DUI checkpoint lasted 20 hours continuously from Saturday evening to Sunday afternoon. Of the total 1,153 drivers that were tested, 17 of them were subjected to field sobriety testing and 5 were considered driving under the influence and were taken into custody. They should all be calling up a Sonoma, California DUI attorney right now who can be found on the marvelous website USAttorneys.com. The checkpoint was funded by California Office of Traffic Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

California Highway Patrol: Duck and Cover won’t work in Sonoma County

46 year old Chris Hamner is currently under arrest and is facing multiple charges after he drove by a California Highway Patrol Officer and ducked his head down to hide from sight. This sudden and erratic movement aroused the officer’s suspicion even more, according to patch.com.

Hamner was pursued and apprehended and it surfaced that he was driving an expired registration. He has also been slapped with DUI charges and it is not clear whether Hamner has a DUI lawyer to represent him or if he will need to be appointed one by the state.

DUI laws – California

California State law makes it illegal for anyone to drive with blood alcohol content over 0.08%. Offenders maybe subjected to harsh penalties including lengthy prison sentences, hefty fines, mandatory alcohol and drug counselling etc. Sometimes, innocent people somehow become charged with DUI and may be slapped with the same harsh penalties. Therefore it is vital to appoint an experienced California DUI defense lawyer to ensure they are well defended whether the case goes to trial or not.