Denver, CO- Angry over a dispute with his brother, a drunken Colorado man drove his truck into his brother’s Pueblo house, accidentally killing his niece.

Daniel Case, 34, was arrested last Friday and charged with DUI, reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter.

Case told authorities that he and his brother, Charles Case, had gotten into an altercation at a different residence in the neighborhood earlier that day. His brother left. Later Case sped off in his truck, blowing through a stop sign at an intersection near his brother’s home and barreled towards the it, according to ABC 7.

At the same time, Charles Case and his 6-year-old daughter Alexis were entering the house. Daniel Case was speeding across the yard and then struck the girl, barely missing her father. He later told police he was trying to park his truck.

The police report noted that Daniel Case had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. In a search of court records, ABC 7 discovered that he is three-time offender. Case was charged with DUI in 2003, 2005 and 2007.

Case is one the many people in Colorado who have been charged with repeat DUI offenses, and the reason why lawmakers are considering tougher DUI laws. It is only one a few states that don’t charge repeat DUI offenses are felonies.

The law would specifically target people like Case by making it a felony to be charged with three DUIs in a seven-year period or a fourth DUI with no time limit applied.

That bill has made progress in the Colorado legislature, and will soon move to an appropriations committee for approval. If it passes that hurdle the bill would then move to the House. If the felony DUI bill does pass, it will make it even more important for those facing a DUI charge to retain a Colorado DUI attorney to build their defense.

A similar bill was introduced in the state last year, but legislators failed to pass it.

For many people, getting a DUI is one-time thing. They pay their dues and never and repeat their offense, but about half be charged with a DUI again. Repeat DUI offenders often have an underlying substance abuse problem, one that can sometimes be addressed with the help of the courts through state-mandated substance abuse programs.

Under current Colorado DUI statutes, DUI offenders, whether it is their first offense or their third, face a maximum of up to a year in jail. There are other penalties associated with a DUI include suspension of the accused’s driver’s license, high-dollar fines and big increase in auto insurance rates.

The DUI attorneys at USAttorneys understand that the cost of a DUI conviction go beyond the justice system and will work to minimize the penalties their clients could face. Such a conviction stays on a person’s record indefinitely, jeopardizing their future employment prospects and their personal lives. If you have been charged with a DUI, you should contact one of our top-notch attorneys in Denver immediately.

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