Chicago, IL – One city 20 minutes outside of Chicago is looking into hiring private DUI attorneys to strengthen drunk driving prosecutions.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Aurora is currently investigating the option of enlisting private Illinois DUI lawyers to prosecute arrests for drinking and driving in order to help local police get a hold of DUI charges. In an unanimous vote, the City Council’s Finance Committee has recommended tasking the Law Offices of Kimberly M. DiGiovanni LTD with prosecuting DUI arrests made in Aurora.

Opting to have private DUI attorneys in Illinois handle drunk driving prosecutions will not only save the city money, but also bring more in, according to Police Chief Kristen Ziman. She further says it will create better training and enhance efficiency within her drunk driving department.

Ziman told committee members that the move will create “more DUI arrests,” which in turn would prevent future DUI accidents. She later added, “Public safety is our chief interest.”

So, just how much money would the city stand to save if they brought private DUI lawyers on board? Since police officers would not have to spend as much time in court, Ziman estimates the city would save over $100,000 in overtime costs.

Ziman further argues that the private law firm would put her officers back on the street, as well as give officers more training on how to write DUI reports.

DiGiovanni reveals that she has been doing drunk driving prosecutions in other cities for the past five years. Her efforts have made DUI courts more efficient and cut overtime significantly. She also increased drunken driving arrests by 38 percent in just one year.

As an added bonus, the city would collect a portion of the fines for every DUI case, which equals about $2,000 per case. Considering the city had 234 drunk driving arrests last year, that would add up to a good chunk of change.

The proposed contract would go through 2020 and cost the city $4,750 a month for 2017, $5,200 a month for 2018, and $5,500 a month for 2019. However, upon approval of the contract, the Illinois law firm would give the city the first three months free.

Chairman of the Finance Committee, Robert O’Connor, thinks this is an excellent solution for handling DUIs. He believes, “It’s good to find a way to approach it from the standpoint of our response to the issue.”

As you can see, the state of Illinois is extremely strict when it comes to cracking down on DUI arrests. If you are arrested for a DUI in Chicago, you will be charged with a minimum of a Class A misdemeanor. If you cause bodily harm, you will be charged with a Class 4 felony DUI, regardless if you are a first time offender or not.

While drunk driving laws in Illinois are harsh, they can be contested with the help of an experienced DUI lawyer in Chicago. will pair you with a qualified Illinois DUI attorney who may be able to have your punishments reduced or even completely eliminated.

For the best outcome possible regarding your drunk driving case, contact our DUI attorneys in Chicago today.