Orlando, FL- A Marin County mother was arrested last Thursday just after 4 a.m. when she sped into a convenience store parking lot compelling a witness to call police.

When police arrived on the scene, the gas station attendant told them that a van driven by a woman “came speeding into the parking lot and slammed on the brakes in front of the gas pumps,” the Orlando Sentinel reported.

The attendant also told police they could smell an odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle, and noticed there were three small children in the back. The gas station worker also told police that they took Martin’s keys away from her.

The van driver Kimberly Martin, 26, failed a number of sobriety tests so she was arrested for intoxicated driving. The children were not taken to DFACS.

During a search of Martin’s vehicle, police found oxycodone pills. A Marin County Police reported stated that Martin blew a .21 on a breathalyzer test.

In a jail interview, Martin told the Ocala Star-Banner that although she admitted she had a few drinks earlier she was not driving the van when it pulled into the Kangaroo stations, her mother-in law was. She said she and her mother-in-law were driving to the jail to bond out her husband when they got into an argument. According to Martin’s story, her mother-in-law got upset and walked away from the van.

The gas station attendant didn’t actually see another person emerge from the van.

Martin also told police she was taking the oxycodone pills to the jail to give her husband, who had a legal prescription.

The Ocala Star-banner reported that Martin was on probation for a previous DUI and the sale of alprazolam, an anti-anxiety medication. Now, with a second DUI charge, Martin can expect some heavy fines and possible jail time.

While Martin denied she was driving under the influence, something one would expect. But what most people don’t expect is to have a driver call police and actually turn themselves in for drunk driving.

Instead of being in denial Indiana man Matthew Devore, 24, of called 911 on himself.

Early Monday, Devore who had spent the evening drinking and playing darts when he decided to do for a ride because he “was sick of Indiana. While driving in his inebriated state, Devore lost control of his car, coming to rest on a grassy median. According to KWTW, Devore tried to drive off the median but realized he had a flat tire. That’s when Devore decided to call 911 asking police to take him off the road.

Police obliged Devore’s request and arrived to the scene and placed him under arrest. His blood alcohol level was .09 just slightly above the legal limit.

Prior to taking his drive Devore, whose knuckles were bloodied, told police he punched a wall after getting frustrated over a game of darts.

Most people try to avoid an intoxicated driving by denying their actions or with the legal savvy of DUI attorney, but rarely—probably never—does a driver actually call police and turn themselves in for breaking the law.