Five people were killed earlier this week when a drunken driver drove head on into a car near Yuba City which set off a fatal chain car crash. The deceased include three brothers who were all in the same car, an older man who was only recently reconnected with his high school sweetheart and a young freshman who had marvelous potential as a dancer.

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According to a Sacbee report, the drunken driver drove into the wrong lane on State Route 113 whilst inebriated and was driving on a suspended driver’s license. The alleged drunken driver has been identified as 38-year old Michael Allan Jones who was in a 2007 Ford pick-up truck. According to witness reports, his pick-up veered across the highway and smashed into a 1991 Honda Accord. The Accord was occupied by the three siblings who were burnt as the car burst into flames almost immediately.

The drunken-driver himself got seriously injured and was hospitalized, it is not clear whether he has a DUI attorney or not.

One killed in fatal car crash involving alcohol in South Sacramento

Nicholas Balestra has been apprehended and is currently in custody for suspected drunken driving. According to the arrest report, Balestra lost directional control of his car and went speeding into another car across the road which was parker on the right shoulder, as per a Fox40 news report.

According to investigators, the impact of the collision killed Balestra’s passenger and friend who has been identified as 21-year old Jesus Castillo. There was another person in Balestra’s car, 22-year old Nathaniel Maldonado, and he sustained minor injuries and was transported to UC Davis hospital for treatment.


A Californian woman suspected of drunken driving in fatal South Tahoe car crash

As per a report in The Republic, 21-year old Olga Nayelli Pena Arce was allegedly driving drunk when she caused the accident that killed her 20-year old passenger and friend Aimee Campos of South Lake Tahoe, last November. According to the breathalyzer test results, Pena Arce was driving with a blood alcohol content which was much higher than the legal limit in the state of California. Another passenger in Arce’s car was 25-year old Wayne Walker of Sacramento who ejected from the car and sustained moderate injuries and had to be hospitalized.

Former Seattle Seahawk player charged with DUI pleads no contest

The former American football tight end who played for the Seattle Seahawks for five seasons from 2002-2007 has been charged with DUI after he was apprehended for driving drunk in a Southern California beach town, according to a Sacbee report.

Prosecutors slapped the former athlete with a DUI charge following which he chose to plead no contest. He was charged twice with misdemeanors of DUI and driving with blood alcohol content higher than 0.08 and both charges were made within ten years of each other.

The tight end is married to US soccer star and goalkeeper Hope Amelia Solo and was driving a van owned by the US national women’s soccer team when he was pulled over and charged with a DUI. According to DUI attorneys, he was convicted for DUI in Arizona in 2007 as well.

According to Gold River CA DUI attorneys, the minimum penalties for a second DUI conviction within 10 years of the first includes fines up to $1,800, ten days in jail, and enrollment in a court approved alcohol treatment program as a condition of probation. The convicted driver will also need to install an ignition interlock device at their own cost.