Three people were injured in a San Diego multi-vehicle crash possibly caused by DUI.

California – November 6, 2022

A driver suspected of being under the influence of alcohol crashed near University City and Clairmont, leaving him and two passengers trapped and injured when their car flipped off Interstate 805 and ended up overturned. San Diego Fire Rescue Personnel were able to free them and transport them to Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla for treatment of minor and moderate injuries. The crash happened in the early morning hours occurred when the suspected drunken driver started heading south in the northbound lanes of I-805 somewhere in the University City and Sorrento Valley area, according to the California Highway Patrol. Several 911 callers reported the wrong-way vehicle before it crashed into the center divider and down an embankment near the transition between the 805 and SR-52.  Officers later arrested the driver on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and noted the wrong-way vehicle did not strike any other vehicles heading in the opposite direction, but debris from the crashes involving the DUI suspect’s car caused several minor secondary crashes, but no other injuries were reported.

Accident victims should speak with a California DUI accident lawyer to determine next actions to recover damage compensation for injury, lost wages, and any related medical bills. In a case where an officer was working, legal counsel may be helpful with any worker’s compensation claims when that is appropriate.

DUI criminal act impacts civil case.

Driving while intoxicated is a criminal act that comes with stringent penalties, and jail time in many cases.  The negligent party will face criminal charges from the State of California and civil legal action to compensate victims for property damage and physical injury caused by the accident.  Victims who have suffered loss caused by a reckless, drunk driver should talk to a San Diego accident lawyer to build a case for damage recovery.  Negligence may not be difficult to prove based on the criminal actions that caused the car accident and legal representation may yield a positive result for recoverable injury compensation.

Fault state. 

California is a “fault” state and victims can bring a claim against responsible parties before they file a claim against their own “no-fault” insurance.  Car accident victims, or their families may file insurance claims, initiate legal action, or file wrongful death claims when an injured party dies because of the accident named in formal claims within California’s set timeline of two years.

Hire a lawyer.

A skilled personal injury attorney can guide victim’s actions and work with multiple insurance companies and attorneys to achieve the best outcomes for their clients.  A DUI charge will weigh heavily on a negligence defense for a car accident resulting in physical injury to another driver in San Diego. The Law Offices of Jeffrey E. Estes & Associates, and their experienced accident attorneys can assist with insurance claims and formal litigation efforts toward a comprehensive damage award.

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