A mugshot of a man with sunken eyes grazed the cover of several news source sites early Memorial Day morning and to everyone’s surprise, it was someone we all know, someone who has made history and is recognized as a legend in the world of sports. It was Tiger Woods. Unfortunately for Tiger Woods, the last few years have landed him with a questionable reputation regardless of the fact that he is one of the best golfers in history. With his infidelity scandal that had dozens of women coming out of the woodworks claiming he had sexual relations with him, now to his recent DUI charge in Florida, Woods isn’t getting the public recognition he had hoped for.

What is Tiger Woods Blaming for his DUI Charge?

Tiger Woods is claiming his DUI arrest resulted from a bad mix of prescription medication.

While Tiger Woods had taken some time off from golf, we have seen a “stall in his career” for the past four years due to a series of injuries according to The Washington Post. Perhaps his back pain has something to do with his lack of involvement but it is apparent he isn’t playing as often as he once was. Woods has had a number of back surgeries in the past and just recently underwent another surgery for his back on April 20th. This is what Woods is claiming is the reason behind his recent DUI charge.


How Might His Surgery be Linked to His DUI Arrest?

Woods owns a home in South Florida and was recently arrested by Jupiter police for driving while under the influence. Of what? Well, it hasn’t exactly been confirmed as police reports have yet to be released. However, while most DUI cases are alcohol related, Woods is claiming that his was not and that he had a bad reaction to some medication he was taking. According to The Washington Post, he has already issued a public apology and stated that the medicine he had been prescribed must have been a bad mix which caused his impairment. In the statement Woods provided, he said “What happened was an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications.” Luckily Woods did not sustain any injuries from driving while under the influence nor did he harm anyone else.

Because Tiger Woods was arrested for DUI, he is now facing the penalties for engaging in the act. He was booked in to the Palm Beach County Jail at around 7:18 a.m. and was released at 10:50 a.m. Aside from recovering from his recent surgery, Woods might want to consider looking into hiring a reputable and worthy Florida DUI attorney soon before he has to take his DUI case before a judge.


Can I be Arrested for Driving After Taking Prescription Medication?

While it may surprise you, the answer to this question is yes. Many individuals are prescribed medicine on a daily basis, some that warn could cause drowsiness and other impairments that might make it hard to operate a vehicle. While reports have yet to be released highlighting what Tiger Woods was taking and whether the medicine is the same of that prescribed for his back pain, the fact is, anyone can be arrested for DUI when under the influence of prescription medication. If you aren’t able to operate your vehicle because the medicine you are taking is linked to symptoms that don’t permit you to drive, you run the risk of being charged with DUI.

Anyone who finds themselves arrested for driving while intoxicated should hire a local DUI lawyer in Florida as the charges for this crime are severe.