Miami, FL – Tiger Wood’s DUI attorney plans to plead not guilty for him in hearing for Florida DUI charge.

USA Today reports that DUI lawyers for Woods are not pleading guilty on his behalf to Florida DUI charges this Wednesday, August 9th, at his first court hearing in his DUI case. The golfer was found asleep at the wheel with “fresh damage” to his Mercedes this past Memorial Day after he took a cocktail of prescription medications.

According to records filed this Tuesday, Florida prosecutors have found Woods qualifies for a program for first-time DUI offenders. USA Today shares that Florida DUI attorneys who are not involved with this case speculate that a deal may be in the works which will allow Woods’ DUI lawyer to enter a not guilty plea.

Footage from his arrest shows Woods having an extremely hard time staying alert. However, he told police he had “an unexpected reaction to prescribed medications” as he was taking Vicodin for a recent back surgery, and also had a prescription for Xanax. Breathalyzer tests revealed he had no alcohol in his system.

Initially, Woods was charged with DUI. However, prosecutors filed documents charging him for one count of DUI and one count of reckless driving. This will allow the former golf star to enter a DUI program that will have him serve probation for 12 months, have the DUI charge dropped, and seal the case after completing the monitoring program. The caveat? He would have to enter a guilty plea on the reckless driving charge.

The Bleacher Report shares that if Woods agreed to plead guilty to a reckless driving charge at his hearing this Wednesday, he will have to attend Florida DUI classes, pay a $250 fine, complete 50 hours of community service, and submit to drug and alcohol tests.

Regardless if Woods enters the program or not, the fact that he did not test positive for alcohol in his system means he would not be required to have an interlock device installed on his car which would require him to blow into a breath-test machine prior to starting his car.

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After his DUI arrest in Florida, Woods announced he had completed an intensive treatment program in order to help him better manage his prescription medications and to deal with his sleeping disorder.

According to USA Today, Woods shared that he “will continue to tackle this going forward with doctors, family, and friends.”

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