Wise County, TX- Last Thursday night, former WWE star and Olympian Kurt Angle was arrested for his fourth DWI in a span of six years, according TMZ. Now the TNA wrestler says he plans to enter rehab.

TMZ tracked down a representative from the Texas Highway Patrol who told them that Angle was arrested in Wise County after an “Impact” taping. TMZ was told police were tipped off by a caller who reported a reckless driver.

Acting on that tip, a law enforcement officer pulled Angle over when they detecting an odor of alcohol coming from his vehicle. It is unclear if he submitted to field sobriety, but he was booked into jail on DWI charges, his fourth in just six years.

One of Angle’s previous DUI arrests came from Pennsylvania, his home state, in 2007. That arrest unfolded in a similar way as Angle’s most recent arrest. A Moon Township woman called police stating that she was almost hit by a reckless driver. When police caught up with Angle, he refused to submit to a blood alcohol test and was later charged with drunken and careless driving, charges which he denied and were later dismissed.

In 2011, the pro-wrestler was arrested twice for intoxicated driving, once in North Dakota and again in a few months later in Virginia.

For the North Dakota arrest, Angle was charged with “being in control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated.” He pleaded guilty to the charged as was given a year of unsupervised probation and order to enter a drug treatment program. His ten jail sentence was suspended.

Later the same year, in September, Angle was arrested in Virginia. According to state police, his initial sobriety test revealed that his BAC was 0.91, but he managed to have the results from that test rule inadmissible. He was able to have the charges dropped because the second test taken a couple of hours later showed his BAC was only .06, below the legal limit of .08.

In light if his four arrests, Angle realized he has a problem and vowed to enter rehab. On Twitter he told his followers, “In light of recent events I will immediately be entering a rehabilitation center.” He added, “I am confident that in taking these steps I can begin to address necessary changes in my life,” TMZ reported.

Angle is among the many people who are repeat drunk driving offenders. According to MADD, the recidivism rate for drunk driving is 67 percent. Repeat drunk driving offenders often find themselves serving jail sentences, face suspension of their driver’s license and heavy financial penalties. Not to mention the fact that a conviction stays on a person’s record for many years. Though multiple DWIs/DUIs may not affect Angle’s career, other offenders may see their future job prospects are diminished by multiple charges.

He has a had a good track record of avoiding convictions for drunken driving, but eventually his repeat offenses could catch up with him unless he has highly-qualified DWI attorney.  With an effective defense he may not have to deal with the worst DWI penalties.