Deming, NM- New Mexico Police are facing a federal lawsuit after a man they pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence as subjected the poor man to not one, not two, but eight anal probes. That’s right, EIGHT ANAL PROBES—unimaginable– and all because the poor man just clenched his buttocks in front of Deming Police. Now the man is suing the police in federal court for his pain and the obvious humiliation of having someone stick stuff in your butt over and over. OUCH!

David Ekhert was pulled over by the police in Deming in January of this year. You’re probably thinking that he did something really serious, but that it isn’t the case. Ekhert’s egregious crime was that he failed to come to a complete stop at a stop sign as he was leaving the Wal-Mart in town. Deming police pulled him over.

As Ekhert was exiting his vehicle, it appeared to police that he clenched his buttocks, and was, therefore, hiding narcotics in his buttocks; that’s a bit of stretch but police are supposed to be suspicious. He could have just really needed to go to the bathroom, but the police thought otherwise. That suspicion gave police enough probable cause to seek out a search warrant for a look at Ekhert’s backdoor plumbing, KOB-4 News reported.

After obtaining the search warrant for a cavity check, police took him to have his anus probed with fingers in a search for the alleged narcotics. One doctor refused to do the probe because they thought it was “unethical,” according to KOB-4. Police found one doctor that would and they found nothing with the first probe.

Unconvinced that he didn’t have any drugs up his butt, police continued with a list of unnecessary and excessive medical procedures. After the manual anal probe, Ekhert was subjected to an x-ray of his abdomen, another manual search and then an enema, presumably to get him poop out any narcotics not detected. The search of his stool yielded no narcotics. So instead of giving up, Ekhert was given another enema, still no narcotics.

Once again they subjected him to another x-ray, no narcotics. He was then prepped for surgery and doctors performed a colonoscopy. His anus, rectum and large intestines were examined and there were still no narcotics.

Ekhert protested throughout the ordeal and never gave doctors permission to perform any of the tests.

Eight searches of his anal cavity and police never found narcotics in Ekhert’s anus. This brings into question how they were able to get warrants for such extensive and invasive exams. And why even though the warrant expired at 10 p.m. did police continue the different anal probes until 1 a.m when he was prepped for his colonoscopy.

It’s also an indication that the justice system in New Mexico is totally messed up if you can’t even get police to believe you aren’t hiding drugs in your ass after eight different tests that prove you aren’t hiding stuff in your ass.

All test were conducted by different people at different times which means that officers for the Hidalgo Sherriff’s Office and Deming Police Department along with medical professionals made really bad decisions. Now, he is suing these various parties in federal court.

If we’ve learned valuable lesson for Mr. Ekhert’s ordeal is that you shouldn’t clench your butt cheeks when police pull you over for not stopping at a stop sign or a DUI or anything for that matter. If you gotta go, let it flow otherwise you could end up having your ass probed eight times by a bunch of idiots. It could happen to anyone especially if you’ve been stopped for driving under the influence.