New York, NY- If you are like thousands of people you will take to the roads and travel hundreds of miles your family and other loved ones. But did you know that the worst DUI offenders are also on the roads.

A new report by the Alcohol Monitoring Systems which tracks the alcohol usage of repeat DUI offenders showed that DUI-related violations shoot up 54 percent over the long Thanksgiving weekend. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Thanksgiving is the second most deadly alcohol-related holiday, just behind New Year’s Eve when incidents jump by 62 percent.

For many people, it just takes a few drinks to push them over the legal limit and offenders often don’t realize they are too intoxicated to drive. And some repeat offenders sometimes just don’t care; 50 percent of people charge with one or more DUIs will drive drunk again.

Since the holidays are gearing up, law enforcement in every city and state will be ramping up their DUI patrols and checkpoints. The impact that drunk driving has on communities can be immense so police and courts take DUIs very seriously.

Any driver charged with DUI has the opportunity to defend themselves and possibly sidestep a conviction. But in order to do this, they must contact a DUI attorney immediately to begin working on their case. By acting quickly, the accused can give their attorney the time necessary to build an effective defense and help them stay out of jail.