DUI lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma shares frequently asked questions about DUI charges

Tulsa, OK- Have you been charged with DUI in Oklahoma? If you have, you probably have many questions about the penalties and what impact a DUI conviction will have on your life. In this article, USAttorneys’ legal team in Oklahoma will share some the questions about DUI they are frequently asked.

Will my license be suspended?

Unfortunately, you will have your license suspended for at least 30 days if you are charged with DUI in Tulsa. It is the most immediate consequence of a DUI charge. You have the opportunity to restore your driver’s license, but you need to move quickly and request an administrative hearing within 15 days of your arrest. With the help of a DUI lawyer, you may be allowed to drive on a limited basis.

What are the consequences of refusing a breathalyzer or chemical test?

Many drivers think they will be able to avoid a DUI charge if they refuse to participate in field sobriety tests, breathalyzers or chemical test, but that isn’t the case. If you refuse any sobriety tests, you will have your license revoked for three months, and once it’s restored you will need to install an ignition interlock device in your vehicle.

What are the penalties for a DUI conviction in Tulsa?

For a conviction of your first DUI in Tulsa, you face five days up the one year in jail depending on circumstances of your arrest. You also face fines up to $1,000 and have your license suspended for a minimum of thirty days.

But the consequences of a DUI go beyond the legal ones and can impact various aspects of your life. Losing your license could make it difficult for you to travel back and forth from work. It is possible for you to lose your job if you lose your license.

Additionally, a DUI conviction will cost you thousands in fines, fees, administrative costs, legal fees, and increased insurance premiums.

You need a DUI defense lawyer on your side to give yourself a better chance of avoiding a DUI conviction.

Can I get a plea bargain?

Under Oklahoma law, it is possible for you to seek a plea bargain for a lesser charge of wet reckless, which is a reckless driving charge with alcohol involved. An offer of a plea bargain may not be automatic, so it is wise to have a DUI defense lawyer pursuing that route for you.

How long does my DUI stay on my record?

If you are convicted of DUI in Oklahoma, it will stay on your record for ten years. That is known as the lookback period. A DUI convictions or wet reckless plea bargains occurring during the lookback period are relevant for sentencing.

If you are charged with DUI, let USAttorneys refer your case to a DUI lawyer in Tulsa, Oklahoma to work on your defense. Our outstanding defense team will outline what options you have to challenge your DUI and take whatever steps they can to minimize the consequences of your DUI.