Tulsa, OK- A Tulsa teenager is in serious trouble after he struck a patrol car and has been charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. What penalties does this teen face?

According to News OK 6, State Trooper Rusty Callicoat was conducting a routine traffic stop on Interstate 244 around 2:30 a.m. August 30th. While Callicoat was sitting in his patrol car with his detainee, Riley Wood, 18, was driving past the scene.

Wood’s pickup truck drifted right onto the shoulder and rear-ended the patrol car traveling about 55 mph.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Captain George Brown told News OK 6 that Callicoat expressed concern for the detained motorist, “and stated, ‘that car is going to hit us – hold on.’”

Callicoat was taken to a local hospital for treatment, but he was released with minor injuries.

The detained motorist Danny Self, 36, also of Tulsa was also taken to hospital with minor injuries, and could soon face DUI charges, pending the results of a blood test, but he isn’t the only one.

Wood was also charged with driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. The teen admitted to drinking two beers and taking half of a prescription pill, possibly Xanax before getting in his vehicle. Wood’s blood alcohol level was .07 which is over the state’s legal limit for drivers under the age of 21.

Teen drivers hold 10 percent of the country’s driver’s licenses, yet they are responsible for 17 percent of fatal alcohol-related traffic collisions. What is even more troubling is the blood alcohol level of victims of teen DUI accidents is on average five times the legal limit. These alarming statistics have compelled many states; including Oklahoma to pass zero tolerance laws for teen drivers, which means a teen driver, regardless of how low their BAC is, can be charged with driving under the influence.

Teens, who are charged with DUI, can be sentenced to five days in jail. If they are repeat offenders they can be sentenced up to one year on jail. Although the jail time is minimal, it can be especially troubling for a teen. In addition to the prospect of going to jail, a DUI conviction can lead to mandatory one year suspension of the convicted teen’s driver’s license among other adverse penalties depending on the judge hearing the case.

DUIs regardless of the age of the driver are costly, often totaling several thousand dollars. On top of the fines and other fees, convicted DUI offenders can expect their insurance premiums to skyrocket.

While teens face DUI penalties similar to adults, a conviction can had other adverse effects on the teen’s life. Job applications and college admission applications often require that a teen disclose whether they have been convicted of any crimes including a DUI and this can prevent them from getting into the college they want or securing a job they have applied for.

Teens, which are charged with a drunken or drugged driving in Tulsa, will need the help of a local attorney to help them with their defense.