Stonington, CT- It’s said that twins share the same feelings and experiences so why should a DUI arrest be any different? This weekend police in Connecticut arrested twin sisters for driving under the influence in two separate incidents which occurred 24 hours apart almost to the minute.

The first twin to be arrested was Kathleen Murphy, 25, on Saturday night in a parking lot of bar aptly named Hootie’s Good Times Café. Apparently she backed into a car in the parking lot of the bar and was arrested for DUI at 1:49 a.m. She was charged with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, unsafe backing, and three additional traffic violations, the Hartford Courant reported.

Then on Sunday, Kathleen’s sister, Hannah, has arrested for DUI at 1:46 a.m. after she struck a sign at intersection near her home. She fled the scene but police caught up with her a charged her with driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, leaving the scene and a host of other charges—just like her sister.

Both sisters are scheduled to appear in court on June 27th.

The Hartford Courant reported that the car struck by Kathleen in the parking lot of Hootie’s was later hit by another drunken driver who was also taken into custody and charged.

The Murphy sisters can now add dealing with a DUI to their list of shared experiences, thought it won’t be a pleasant one to ruminate on since the penalties for a DUI even if it is an offender’s first will affect them for a months to come, and possibly for years.

Being charged with a DUI kicks off a host of troubles a DUI offender faces. The firsts hurdle DUI offenders face is losing their license, in many states this happens almost immediately and is hard to prevent without retaining a DUI attorney right away.

With nearly a million DUI arrests each year nationwide, it would appear that the consequences of such a charge is minimal, merely an annoyance, but that simply isn’t true. Depending on the circumstances of their arrest some offenders will have to spend time in jail, lose their driver’s license for up to year, forced to do community service and attended alcohol of drug assessment courses.

On top of the penalties, a DUI will appear on person’s record for years. Having a record if even if the offense appears to be relatively minor impacts all aspects of a person’s life including their education and employment prospects. Many people are unaware of how long or to what extent a DUI conviction will continue to have a bearing on their lives so they have this mistaken notion that they can deal with their charges on their own.

It is worth the time and expense for a person facing DUI charges to seek out a DUI attorney to work on their defense and help them possibly avoid conviction or work on having their charges reduced or dismissed.