Fort Dodge, IA- On an average day in the U.S., 30 people are killed by drunken or drugged drivers and dozens are injured. Drunken driving is obviously danger

WHLB reports that a two cyclists participating in the Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Ride Across Iowa were struck by a drunken driver over the weekend. Fortunately for the driver and the victims, the injuries weren’t serious.

Police say that the accident occurred around 6 a.m. Sunday when a group of riders came to an intersection in Sioux City. An officer was directing traffic as the cyclists were crossing, but one motorist failed to notice.

WHLB reports that a 36-year old local woman failed to heed a police officer’s directions and stuck two cyclists on a tandem bike, causing them both minor injuries. They have been identified and Bruce and Barbara Blair, both in their 60s. It appears as though one of the victims broke a leg.

Police stopped the driver about a block away from the accident scene and charged her with operating while intoxicated, disobeying a police officer and driving without insurance. This is her second drunken driving arrest according to the TV station.

The CDC estimates that 1.4 million motorists are arrested for drunken driving each year in the U.S., but that number only accounts for 1 percent of the 112 million people who admit to drinking and driving. Police forces all across Iowa are getting better and better at identifying and taking drunken drivers off of the road, but they can’t catch them all.

For most Iowans, an OWI charge is and will be their only interaction with the criminal justice system and it can be confusing. A number of things must be taken into consideration for an effective defense so a person facing this charge are urged to retain an OWI attorney who assists offenders in Fort Dodge and surrounding areas. Even for a first OWI conviction, the offender faces potential jail time, up to one year and 18-month’s suspension of their driver’s license. Financially, an OWI conviction will result in costly fines, legal fees and increased insurance premiums. Those are serious consequences which is why it is especially critical that person retain a lawyer to help them with their OWI charge, especially if it also involves a deadly or injurious collision.

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