Miami, FL- A Good Samaritan and two teenage girls who gathered on a Miami street following a traffic accident were killed early Sunday morning when an alleged drunken driver slammed into them.

According to reports, two 17-year-old girls, Anapaula Saldana and Caroline Agreda, struck a SUV at the intersection of SW 157th Ave. and 56th St. around 3:00 a.m. Sunday. The girls were standing along the road as several motorists and pedestrians gather at the accident scene. Most of the motorists stayed in their vehicles, but one man did not and that would prove to be a fatal mistake.

Eduardo Hernandez was passing by the accident scene with his father and young son when he stopped to offer assistance to the girls, and the driver of the SUV, 68 year-old Josefa Quinones who was injured and remained in her vehicle. Not long after Hernandez, a father of three stopped, another motorist approached the scene at a high rate of speed and slammed into the Good Samaritan and the two girls, killing them instantly.

Hernandez’s father told the Miami Herald that he asked his son to stay in the car, but true to his nature, Hernandez insisted on offering his help.

Quinones was also injured and as of Monday was still in the hospital listed in fair condition.

One witness Rolando Jiménez, who had also stopped to help, told the Herald, “Someone was flying down Miller going at least 80 mph and didn’t see the accident or have enough time to slow down.”

“We saw him,” witness Julian Villegas told CBS Miami. “We looked to the right and saw his headlights coming straight down the street … no screeching, no braking, no nothing.”

Christopher Massferrer, 30, the man behind the wheel, struck the girls and their vehicle, bounced into a median and struck Hernandez then slammed into the SUV.

Masferrer was also injured and taken to the hospital for treatment; he was released from the hospital late Sunday.

Police suspect Masferrer that speed and alcohol could have been factors in the accident. Charges against Masferrer are pending, but he has a less than sterling driving record.

CBS Miami reported that Masferrer has been ticketed for traffic violations on several occasions. He has been cited for driving an unsafe vehicle, no proof of insurance, following too closely and speeding.

Students at Miami High, where the girls attended, honored the slain girls by wearing black T-shirts to school on Monday. Candlelight vigils were held for the girls at Miami High and Sunset High where Saldana’s sister attended

Hernandez was originally from Cuba and came to Miami to build a better life. He left behind a wife and three children.

This is another of the many drunk driving accidents that occur each day in the U.S. Even though causing a fatal DUI is reprehensible, it’s not indefensible. Depending on the circumstances of a case, a DUI attorney will be to build a defense which can help their clients avoid a harsh penalty or give them leverage to negotiate a plea bargain.