Solon, IA- Two drunken Iowa women traveling in the same vehicle may have thought they were making a wise decision when they switched one drunken driver for another equally drunk person. But

Police in Johnson County, Iowa, received an anonymous tip around 5:50 p.m. about a speeding vehicle crossing the center line on Highway 1 near Solon.

According to the Iowa Press-Citizen, Jennifer S. Volesky, 39, was recklessly driving on Highway 1 when she decided to pull over at nearby Dairy Queen. She must have realized she was too drunk to drive, but instead of staying put, Volesky got out of the driver’s seat and into the backseat.

Heather Heaton, the registered owner of the car, then took over the driving duties and the group got back on Highway 1. They may have thought they were in the clear, but that wasn’t the case.

The driver switch was witnessed by a man who began following the car and was dialing 911 as a police officer pulled him over for driving 67 in a 55 mph zone, the Iowa Press-Citizen reported. The driver told police he was following the car so he could report the driver’s speed and driving behavior.

When police eventually caught up with the vehicle, Heaton was in the driver’s seat. During the traffic stop, police said Heaton admitted to switching drivers at the Dairy Queen.

Thanks to Heaton’s admission and the anonymous tip, police were also able to charge Volesky with driving under the influence. All three women in the vehicle were drunk police said.

It’s always good practice to avoid driving under the influence altogether, but, let’s face it, drunken people don’t care about what is or is not good practice. According Mothers Against Drunk Driving, a person will drive an average of 80 times before they are ever pulled over or charged with a DUI. This may give an individual the false impression that they are good drunken drivers that can get away with it time after time. But everybody’s number comes up eventually.

While many drivers may take the prospect of being charged with a DUI lightly, they soon learn of the penalties that driving under the influence carries. When we think of DUI consequences, we usually think only of the legal ramifications, but the consequences actually wind up impacting an offender on a much more personal level.

If convicted of a DUI, most drivers must surrender their license and getting it back is a major hassle. Not being able to drive can affect a person’s job and their social life. A DUI conviction can also be a huge financial burden that few people can afford. In some states, DUI offenders must serve mandatory jail sentences.

A DUI is no fun and it’s relatively painful, but it can be challenged and a conviction can be avoided with a skillful DUI attorney. Once charged with a DUI, an individual must contact a DUI lawyer immediately; this gives their legal counsel a head start and the opportunity to build a better defense.