Two years has passed since the bitter legal battle started between Bubba the love sponge (Clem) and Todd MJ Schmidt. In the initial lawsuit, Schmidt had accused Bubba of defamation but the jury sided with Bubba and found him not guilty of his charges. Bubba and his attorneys were ecstatic after the legal victory and celebrated as the verdict was read. Both Bubba and Schmidt are Radio Jockeys.

As per WFLA, in connection with the same case, Bubba’s attorneys now find themselves in bit of a legal predicament. They have been accused of fixing a DUI. Reportedly, Bubba’s defense attorneys, Stephen Diaco, Robert Adams, and Adam Filthaut have been accused of rigging a DUI arrest.

Devious attorneys

It is alleged that they persuaded one of their paralegals to drink with Schmidt’s lawyer at a bar named Malio’s. Campbell (Schmidt’s lawyer) then attempted to drive home, but Bubba’s attorneys called the cops on him as soon as he got into his car and drove away. The police busted Campbell and charged him with a DUI. If you are ever charged with a DUI you need to check out the site so you can be legally represented with a hard charging attorney.

Bubba’s lawyers have since been declared guilty and attempted to enter a plea deal with the prosecuting attorney. Attorney Diaco offered to give up his law license in exchange to save the firm and the other two attorneys involved both offered to serve 91-day suspensions each, but the Pinellas County Court judge did not agree to the terms and said that these measures were too lenient for their crimes and that they will need to face stricter penalties.

Too bad they could not just delete the emails like the lawyer Hillary Clinton did.

Evading driver runs red light and kills head chef

An eerie silence has blanketed the usually upbeat environment of downtown St. Petersburg, according to Miami Herald. A driver identified as 25-year old Jason Lanard Mitchell hit and killed 31-year old head chef of kitchen St. Pete – Aaron Davis with a 2015 Dodge Charger rental car.

Police reports state that Mitchell pulled in at a DUI checkpoint but quickly sped away from the scene to avoid being interrogated and checked. The arrest report also states that officers quickly realized the potential danger in pursuing the Dodge and so they put of their sirens right away and called off the chase.

However, Mitchell continued to speed and drive recklessly down the streets of downtown St. Petersburg and ran two red lights where tragedy struck at the second red light 31-year old Aaron Davis and his colleague 28-year old Brian Lee LaFrance who had closed shop and were crossing the streets to make their way home. Aaron was hit head on, went over the top of the car and fell on the other side of it. Luckily for LaFrance, he was only side swiped. Aaron did not survive the impact and passed away on scene.

Aaron Davis was going home to his 9-months pregnant wife

Aaron died on the spot after being struck by a speeding Dodge Charger. He was headed home to his wife, Ana Granucci Davis, who is nine months pregnant and due to deliver in a couple of days. Mitchell has been charged with serious and multiple felony charges for which he is likely to receive a life sentence, according to Pinellas County DUI attorneys.

Good riddance.