Last week, a felon Christopher Cook, was arrested in Albuquerque on charges of shooting an Officer, Lou Golson. He has denied the charges when presented before the judge.

Felon shoots a cop

Christopher Cook was accused of shooting an Albuquerque police officer and arrested on three counts of attempted felony, felon possessing a fire arm, shooting at or from a motor vehicle and transferring of a motor vehicle. In addition to these counts he was also charged with illegally taking two vehicles in two separate automobile thefts. A bail bond for $5,000 in cash was set by the judge for the car thefts and $500,000 cash or bond for the shooting.

It is not known what evidence the APD has to warrant an arrest and prove his guilt on all the counts Cook has been arrested for. According to Farmington, NM DUI attorneys following the case, Cook has pleaded not guilty for the three charges brought against him by Albuquerque PD.

Reports of APD beating the dangerous and psychotic suspect

The APD has been accused of beating Cook while he was in custody. According to the law, defendants are not allowed to speak with victims or witnesses before the trial process begins. While the judge went over the rules, Cook’s attorney Jeff Rein requested that there be no contact between Cook and anyone from the APD.

Rein has accused the APD of wrapping Cook in a blanket and beating him following his arrest. Many people believe Cook deserved this for causing mayhem on the streets and shooting a police officer.

The APD released a statement saying that the accusations made by Cook are false. They pointed out that Cook was a seasoned criminal with a history of attacking law enforcement officers. There is no proof of these claims as per APD. On the contrary, they said, on finding that Cook was hungry from not having eaten for several days, they bought him meal. They are of the opinion that Cook’s attorney ought to be ashamed to accuse them and called his accusatory statements a tasteless publicity stunt. Whether allegations on both sides are true is something that Farmington, NM DUI attorneys say will have to be investigated thoroughly.

Violent and greedy people like Christopher Cook should not be able to possess a gun.

After the shooting, Cook was on the run in a bid to hide from the police. He was finally spotted by Bernalillo County deputies. His attempts to lie about his identity failed and he was promptly handed over to the APD.

Violent suspect in DUI shooting denies charges

APD showed the series of events that took place in New Mexico, Albuquerque when a police officer was shot by Cook. At 2:35 a.m. Saturday, Lou Golson stepped out of his police vehicle to approach the driver of car, who he suspected was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Golson shined his light into the vehicle and asks the driver to shut his engines. Rapid gunfire erupted from the car and 12 shots were fired in less than ten seconds, four from the car and eight from the officer’s gun. The suspect remained unscathed, but the Officer went down.

Golson tried to start his car, failed, and started out on foot. He was shot in his left leg and suffered a broken femur. On being asked if he had anything to say to the Golson family, Cook retorted that he did not know Golson’s family and didn’t know what to say. The APD will hand him over to federal custody to face firearms charges.